I think we can all agree, that hard work’s important.

One of the things all top performing students say is that hard work is a pre-requisite. But hard work only really takes you so far.

I think we all know students that are working really, really hard, but they’re still not getting good results.

This shows that hard work might be the pre-requisite to doing anything in life, but on its own, it’s not enough. It’s also really critical that you learn how to work smart and how to study smart.

But what does it mean to study smart? 

Let’s jump in and find out!

How are you studying right now?

Are you studying smart?

Are you doing the smallest amount of activities to give you the biggest possible outcome?

The best way to do this is to model success.

Don’t learn from trial and error. Find people who have been there and done it and learn it from them.

Check out the Art of Smart YouTube Channel for more informative videos that can help you make the smallest possible changes to achieve the biggest possible results!

Of course, you may need more help than just what these videos can provide. 

If you do, we’ve got an incredible team of teachers, tutors and mentors across Sydney that are equipped with all the research we’ve done with top performing students.

We’ve modeled success.

We’ve done interviews with more than 2000 students to work out what it takes to do well academically and to help you answer that big question of ‘what do I want to with my life after school, and how do I get there?’.

So get in touch with us via our website – we’ve got a team that’s available to work with you in your area or at our local campus in Hornsby.

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