Introducing Coach of the Month & Service Award Winner – Ashley Nguyen!

We are excited to announce that Ashley Nguyen has been selected as Coach of the Month and is the recipient of the Service Award for the month of September!

Each month our Art of Smart Team Leaders will be working with their teams to nominate 1 coach for the Coach of the Month Award. These Awards represent us wanting to live our values and express our gratitude for the awesome work that they do with their students.

The Service Award is given to someone who has provided exceptional service and support for their student(s) or for other coaches.

Ashley received the Service Award in recognition of the outstanding effort that she has given in creating amazing powerpoint presentations to capture her students interest and help them succeed in their studies!

Ashley’s student was very behind in Maths and was reluctant to improve or participate in lessons. Ashley quickly realised that she needed to adapt her approach. As a result, she created powerpoint presentations that both told a story and had a clear and tangible goal at its end.

For example, your boat has been shipwrecked on an island and you’ve spent the past month repairing it. You are now ready to sail the 8-week journey home, but first must prepare supplies for the trip. Quick! You need to get everything ready by sundown before creatures come out of the forest and make you their dinner. With each correct answer, it would bring the ship closer to the water and closer to setting sail.

In response to these goal-oriented, storytelling powerpoints, Ashley saw him readily answer math problems without complaint and a marked difference in his level of motivation.

It was so successful that she tried it with her other students! One student said “I have had such a bad day today and I just started to go through your SUPER important exam revision and i was in tears! Thank you so much for making my day 🙂”.

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