Introducing Coach of the Month & Service Award Winner – Natasha Fong!

We are so excited to announce that Natasha Fong has been selected as Coach of the Month and is the recipient of the Service Award for the month of July!

service award

Each month our Art of Smart Team Leaders will be working with their teams to nominate 1 coach for the Coach of the Month Award. These Awards represent us wanting to live our values and express our gratitude for the awesome work that they do with their students.

The Service Award is given to someone who has provided exceptional service and support for their students or for other coaches.

Natasha received the Service Award in recognition of the outstanding effort that she has given in helping her one of her students succeed both academically and mentally!

Unfortunately, one of Natasha’s students has been subject to bullying at school. This has had an enormous effect on the student’s self-esteem and ability to concentrate at school.

During the course of their lessons, Natasha has taken a proactive approach to address the bullying and has been discussing resilience and providing positive affirmations.

In addition, she has introduced a number of methods to include to help improve the student’s concentration. These include using an egg timer to differentiate between ‘working time’ and ‘talking time’.

This, along with to the use of stickers and awards to acknowledge her achievements, has helped increase Natasha’s students concentration and motivation when it comes to homework.

service award

The student’s mother is extremely happy with Natasha’s performance as a coach, describing her as ‘really good with my daughter. She has really helped my daughter to open up’. 

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