BlogStudyCoach of the Month (Integrity Award) – Hannah Easton [July 2017]

Coach of the Month (Integrity Award) – Hannah Easton [July 2017]

Introducing Coach of the Month & Integrity Award Winner – Hannah Easton!

We are excited to announce that Hannah Easton has been selected as Coach of the Month and is the recipient of the Integrity Award for the month of July!

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Each month our Art of Smart Team Leaders will be working with their teams to nominate 1 coach for the Coach of the Month Award. These Awards represent us wanting to live our values and express our gratitude for the awesome work that they do with their students.

The Integrity Award is given to someone who has acted with integrity and does what they and say what they do!

Hannah received the Integrity Award in recognition of her communication, consistency and attendance.

Hannah has continuously demonstrated a strong commitment to her work at Art of Smart and this is exemplified by her recent promotion to Senior Coach. Her promotion was fast-tracked by her attendance at multiple training events and the delivery of weekly lessons with her students.

Her Senior Coach promotion is ultimately a reflection of her consistency, attendance and communication with her students and demonstrates her integrity as a coach.

In addition, Hannah attended the Resource Design Intensive at the Hornsby Campus and participated in the Woollahra Library Tutoring Mini Sessions. She has also entered the Facebook Snap & Share competition, highlighting the amazing support she has been providing her students.

Every day, Hannah would send her student a unique message to motivate him to complete his work. Have a look at them below!

Hannah’s Team Leader, Lauren Lai, has provided the following feedback:

‘Since being Hannah’s team leader, she has been prompt and consistent in responding to all communication and has attended all team meet ups, even when she did not have a uni class on that particular day. Hannah has also attended a majority of professional development workshops, which has helped her to achieve her Senior Coach promotion. Hannah is very reliable both in terms of her correspondence with me, as well as with her students’.

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