The common advice you’ll get during the HSC is: “you need to quit your extra-curricular commitments so that you can spend more time studying for your HSC.”

But there’s a problem with this advice.

The problem is that ALL of the research says that this is the worst thing to do.

In fact, the global research shows that having extracurriculars like sport, music, dance and exercise actually improve your memory, your mental health, and your emotional resilience.

In this video, I’ll explain why this is the case as well as show you  3 steps you can use to maintain your extra-curriculars while also getting heaps of study done in the HSC. 💪

Step #1: Identify Your Transition Moments
Step #2: Be Aware of Your Excuses
Step #3: Use Your Time to its Full Potential

Step #1: Identify Your Transition Moments

You’re probably thinking right now:

“Okay, I get that it’s a bad idea to quit my extracurriculars. But how on earth do I actually do my study at the same time?

Well, when I was in years 11 and 12, I was playing high-level representative soccer. This meant that I had to do a lot of training.

don't quit extra-curriculars

It also meant that I had very little time to study.

I trained in St. Ives and on the way we’d make a stopover at a Cafe in Wahroonga.

My dad and I would sit there and we’d wait for 45 minutes for my sister to finish her dancing class. Then, we’d pick her up and make the trip to my soccer training.

Now, this is what I call a transition moment.

We all have these moments. The moments in our schedule where we’re just waiting to move on to the next activity.

So how can we use these moments to our advantage?

Step #2: Be Aware of Your Excuses

In this transition moment, I was faced with a decision:

Do I chill out and relax, or do I take full advantage of this transition moment to actually get some study done?

We all get this decision. Whether on a train, on a bus, in a car or before sports training.

We also always have a list of excuses.

You might be saying that the train’s too crowded, there are too many people, the library is too loud, the cafe’s too busy.

Let’s be honest, we usually exaggerate these reasons for not getting our work done. In truth, we just can’t be bothered! We’d rather relax for that 30 or 40 minutes and not think about the HSC. 

However, the end result is that you don’t do any work. You come home after your extra-curricular and you’re freaking out, stressed and overwhelmed because you’ve got nothing done.

This is what will really make you want to quit your extra-curricular commitments.

So how do we avoid feeling this way?

Step #3: Use Your Time to Its Full Potential

The reality is that if you’re going to excel and ace your HSC while maintaining your extra-curriculars, you’re going to need to take full advantage of these transition moments.

What happened to me is I realised that if I didn’t get any of my work done before soccer training, I’d get home tired and I wouldn’t get anything done.

With this added incentive, I was able to smash through all 3 units of my Maths study in the 45 minutes I had between picking my sister up and going to soccer training.

We’ve all got these transition moments. So, my challenge to you is: think about how you can use those transition moments better.

What are you going to do in your transition moments? Are you going to pull out your phone and mindlessly scroll through Insta or Snapchat or Facebook? Or will you take that time and use it productively?

Will you teach a friend or a parent while you’re in a car? Will you pull our your study notes while you’re waiting to catch public transport or while you’re sitting on a train?

This is the key to succeeding in the HSC without having to quit your extra-curricular commitments.

You have to think about how you can use your transition moments more effectively!

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