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Tips and tricks for creating your video

Watch Eddie Woo’s three-part series on how to setup, film and upload awesome educational videos on YouTube.

What equipment should I use?

How should I shoot and edit my video?

How do I upload my video onto YouTube?

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Plan out what you’re going to say!

Before you start filming, be sure to at least write some rough lines for what you’re going to say! This will let you make sure you’re on-track and producing something concise and fits the brief. Be sure to also use it as a space to play with humour, rhetorical questions and find ways you can speak in an engaging manner. 

Lights, camera, action

Lighting is so important to boost the visual quality of your video. Scout outside for nice natural lighting or for great indoor lighting. If you know anyone who might even have spare LEDs, see if you can borrow them, it’ll do wonders to improve the look of your video. This goes for the same with having a good microphone and camera. They’re not necessary but even using an updated phone camera or lapel mic can improve the quality of your video.

Don’t be afraid to use props and experiment with design, animation & music!

Feel free to experiment with your design, animation and music. There are plenty of free software and tutorials to play around with and use to either add visual eye candy or make the sound in your video pop. Post-production can make a huge difference in either editing out mistakes during filming or pace up the speed to make it more captivating for students.

Share your video and get feedback

Getting a second opinion from friends and family can give you the advice you need to improve your video! We encourage you to reach out to these people and get their thoughts and use this feedback to go back and improve in editing and filming in order to create a standout video!

Judging Criteria

All QCE Together submissions will be judged according to the following criteria. The entries that score the best
according to the criterias for each subject will be in the running for the Online Educator of the Year awards!


Did the video explain the subject matter clearly, to provide a genuine understanding of the topic?


Did you make an effort to approach the subject matter in an innovative or creative way?


Did the video capture the viewer’s interest? Did the viewer want to keep watching the video to the end?

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