BlogPhysicsThe Comprehensive Master List of HSC Physics Past Papers!

The Comprehensive Master List of HSC Physics Past Papers!

Searching for HSC Physics past papers before an exam can be a huge time suck.

You have to wade through hundreds of links, just to find what you’re looking for, and half the papers don’t even have answers! What a nightmare.

That is why we’ve compiled a master list of Physics papers and answers all in one convenient location!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in!

What should you do in preparation for the exams?
Physics Past Papers

What should you do in preparation for the exams?

The way you prepare for your final HSC Physics exam at the end of the year will depend on how much time you have left until you sit the exam.

If you’ve only started the Year 12 HSC Physics syllabus…

You should master the formulas that you’ll be examined on — this means you’ll need to memorise and apply these formulas in various ways.

Understanding the content you’ll be covering throughout the year is essential, so familiarise yourself with what you’re learning in advance so you know what to expect. You can check out the module breakdowns we’ve created below:

It’s never too early to learn about the types of answers required in the exam, so we recommend learning how to write and format your extended response for the exam. Check out some of our tips here!

You should also become acquainted with the criteria for the extended response so you know how to achieve the best marks with your answer.

If you’re close to sitting your exam…

You need to have a plan of attack! In what order will you complete your exam? We’ve got some advice that you can check out here.

When there’s only one night left until the exam, it’s important to manage your time wisely! To help you effectively prepare the night before, check out our guide here!

Now that you know a little more about how you can prepare for your exam, you can download the past papers below and get studying!

HSC Physics Past Papers

HSC Physics Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2021 Exam Paper2021 Marking Guidelines
2020 Exam Paper2020 Marking Guidelines
2019 Exam Paper2019 Marking Guidelines
2018 Exam Paper2018 Marking Guidelines
2017 Exam Paper2017 Marking Guidelines
2016 Exam Paper2016 Marking Guidelines
2015 Exam Paper2015 Marking Guidelines
2014 Exam Paper2014 Marking Guidelines
2013 Exam Paper2013 Marking Guidelines
2012 Exam Paper2012 Marking Guidelines
2011 Exam Paper2011 Marking Guidelines
2010 Exam Paper2010 Marking Guidelines

For module-specific practice questions, check out more resources here!

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