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Here’s what our Pathfinder Alumni have to say…


“I learned invaluable skills to do with resume writing, scholarship applications and study skills. If it was not for my experience as a Pathfinder, I most likely would not be in the course I am currently in.”

– Received Macquarie University Early Entry and $5,000 Scholarship.
– Studying Bachelor of Arts/Law at Macquarie University


“I had access to one-on-one mentoring and career and personal development events that have set me on the right path. If you want your child to improve their marks and have the skills necessary for success in today’s world, the Pathfinder Program is for you.”

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering at UTS


“The Pathfinder Program helps you understand the future of university and jobs, decide on a career path and then reach the academic level required to achieve that goal. My time at Art of Smart was invaluable and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

– Received Notre Dame Early Entry