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Top 5 Schools of Communication in Australia for 2022 Revealed

Does a highly specialised degree seem too restrictive for you? If you’re humanities-oriented, we have the perfect solution to these opposing dilemmas — studying at a School of Communication which will give you diverse industry awareness whilst offering specialised majors. 

If this sounds like your style, keep reading to find out the best places to study in Australia! 

#5. Monash University 

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Monash University slides in as having the fifth best School of Communication in Australia, according to QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2022. It is also in the top 100 universities for Communications worldwide. 

This university is also granted a tidy sixth place for best universities in Australia, overall. 


Monash is located just outside of Melbourne, giving you easy CBD access whilst studying in a quieter metropolitan location. It’s also surrounded by some of the most liveable suburbs in the world, which is a great incentive to consider an interstate move! 

In a Bachelor of Media Communication, you will study practice-based subjects and communication theory. Monash also offers portfolio development throughout this degree, which will give you a leg-up against competitors when looking for a job! 

This three-year degree really is for the creative academic. You’ll have the change to work with Monash Media Lab, where you will learn camera skills, scripting and video editing. You’ll also become adept at artistic components like colour grading!

A Bachelor of Media Communication is also offered as a four-year double degree with Business, Business Administration, Design or Marketing. This way,  can specialise your skillset even at an undergraduate level.  

As a bonus, Monash guarantees the opportunity for overseas study in Italy, Indonesia, India, China or Malaysia. Airfare and accommodation for a two week trip is covered in your degree. 

Scholarships for Monash can be found here!

Entry Requirements 

All students must have achieved a score of at least 27 in EAL or 25 in English other than EAL. 

The lowest ATAR for entry into this course is currently 70. 

#4. RMIT University

RMIT School of Communication

Image sourced from RMIT University


RMIT is ranked at number four for Communications degrees in Australia, and 40th globally. 

This university is also 14th overall in Australia. 


RMIT University can be found across three Australian campuses, including one right in Melbourne’s CBD, and another in the eclectic suburb of Brunswick. At any of these locations, you’ll find local art venues, bustling pubs and great coffee!

At this university, you will be studying under the School of Media and Communication, which regularly collaborates with industry professionals. 

In a Bachelor of Communication, you can choose from five Majors, including Media, Professional Communication, Public Relations, Journalism and Advertising. 

These three-year degrees are also offered part-time, and some majors are offered as an excelled two and a half year course! 

RMIT prides itself on industry relevance — for example, a major in Media will see you become a multi-skilled communicator, delivering content for television, radio and digital. A major in Advertising might see you specialise in Art Direction or Copywriting, ready to create professional ads in diverse industries. 

Scholarships can be found here!

Entry Requirements

Students must gain at least 33 in EAL or 28 in English other than EAL, or equivalent studies

The current ATARs and requirements for each major are: 

  • Journalism: 70.05
  • Public Relations: 74.20
  • Professional Communication: 72.50
  • Advertising: Completion of a Selection Task, including a statement of interest, advertisement analysis, an advertisement makeover, an original advertisement and supplied questions, for competitive entry 

#3. The University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne School of Communications

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The University of Melbourne comes in as the third best School of Communication in Australia, according to QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2022. It’s also ranked 38th worldwide.

If you study here, you’ll be studying at the overall 2nd best university in Australia.  


If you study at the University of Melbourne for Communications, you’ll be at the Parkville campus, which is the original and main campus.

At this university, you can study a major in Media and Communications through a Bachelor of Arts, which is a 3-year degree that can help you work towards a career in journalism, public relations, marketing, media management and communication.

Since the major is part of an Arts degree, there is a lot of flexibility with how you’d like to structure the degree. It’s not just about completing units that have been pre-selected for you, but deciding which ones interest you most!

Scholarships for the University of Melbourne are available here

Entry Requirements 

The current guaranteed ATAR for entry into the Bachelor of Arts is 85.

It is also a prerequisite for students enrolled to have a study score of at least 25 in English/English Language/Literature or at least 30 in EAL.

#2. University of Sydney 

USYD School of Communication

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The University of Sydney (USyd) is the second best School of Communication in Australia. On top of this, it’s 28th worldwide! 

This university is also the third best in Australia, overall, according to QS Top Universities in Australia 2022. 


USyd boasts one of the oldest campuses in Australia, where sandstone architecture meets modern ovals and gardens. Here, you’ll be studying a short walk from two major train stations and right near student-dominated suburbs like Annandale and Glebe. 

As a more flexible twist on a Communication degree, USyd offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications)

In this four-year degree, you’ll gain experience in media writing, video and digital media production. The degree also places an emphasis on critical engagement with media and communications theory. 

For the Bachelor of Arts component of this degree, you may pick from over 50 Majors, including Film Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, Studies in Religion and Korean Studies. 

And the great thing? At the end of your study, you will come out having completed an Honours project, focused on Media and Communications. 

While this isn’t your typical Communications degree, it could be a great option for students looking for flexible, yet employable, study combinations. 

Scholarships for USyd can be found here!

Learn more about what it’s like to study Media and Communications at USYD here and check out the pros and cons here!

Entry Requirements

The current guaranteed ATAR for this degree is 95. 

If you do not reach this mark, but do receive a Band 6 in high-level English or Maths, you may be eligible for an ATAR adjustment under the Academic Excellence Scheme

#1. Queensland University of Technology 

QUT School of Communication

Image sourced from Choose Brisbane


Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is first in Australia and 15th in the world for a Bachelor of Communication, according to QS Top University Ranking by Subject 2022: Communication and Media Studies. 

It is also ranked at an equal 15th for Australian universities, overall. 

Keen to get into QUT or another one of these top universities? Make sure to set an ATAR goal and identify the exact marks you need this year!


At this School of Communication, you’ll be studying amongst urban sprawl in the heart of Brisbane. You’ll find yourself near some great coffee shops, including the student-acclaimed Bookshop and Espresso Bar. 

QUT offers a Bachelor of Communications with four different major options, which you must select from when enrolling. 

You can choose from Digital AdvertisingCommunity and Public RelationsJournalismMedia and Communication IndustriesEach of these three year degrees will take you through core communication studies, before branching into your chosen major. 

If you’re thinking of enrolling, you may want to know little about each option.

You can find a breakdown of the majors here!

At QUT, you also have the option of undertaking a second Major, or two Minors, allowing your degree to be as diverse or specialised as you like. In a university-wide second major, you can even complete studies in languages such as French, Indonesian, German and Russian, making you a truly global citizen. This is a huge boost for later employment! 

Scholarships can be found here!

Entry Requirements 

All Bachelor of Communication Majors require students to have completed a Year 12 English subject or an equivalent bridging course. 

The ATARs for each major are:

  • Professional Communication: 70 
  • Entertainment Industries: 70
  • Digital Media: 70
  • Advertising and Public Relations: 70
  • Journalism: 79

Lucinda Garbutt-Young hopes to one day be writing for a big-shot newspaper… or maybe just for a friendly magazine in the arts sector. Right now, she is enjoying studying a Bachelor of Public Communication (Public Relations and Journalism) at UTS while she writes on the side. She also loves making coffees for people in her job as a barista, and loves nothing more than a sun shower.

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