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Download QCAA General Maths Mock Exam for External Assessment Revision

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Gotten through all the past papers for QCAA General Maths and need a bunch of different questions for revision? We’ve got just what you need — a mock exam for QCAA General Maths that you can download!

This mock exam for QCAA General Maths has 15 multiple choice questions and a variety of short response questions for you to work through.

We’ve also included the answers so that you know if you’ve reached the right solution!

Top Tip: The multiple choice questions are worth 15 marks and the short response questions are worth 53 marks altogether, so allocate your time accordingly!

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Vittorio Manessi is an Art of Smart tutor based in Queensland studying environmental science. He was one of the first Year 12 students to study under the new ATAR system in Queensland. He enjoys Maths, Science, English and Ancient History and is keen to share his knowledge of the QCE by making awesome resources.

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