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Struggling to keep pace with your Maths class?


Making lots of silly mistakes in your Maths exams?


Wanting to build your foundation or get ahead of your class?


Looking for an incredible Maths tutor to support you?


Struggling to keep pace with your Maths class?


Making lots of silly mistakes in your Maths exams?


Wanting to build your foundation or get ahead of your class?


Looking for an incredible Maths tutor to support you?


1. We show you how to excel through personalised Maths tutoring

Our team of expert, proven Maths tutors & mentors work with students in Years K-12 in your own home or at our campus in Hornsby to identify your strengths and specific needs to improve for Maths to help you master Maths at school. Whether it’s improving your fundamentals, helping you increase your confidence, or accelerate ahead of your class, our Maths tutoring team can help!

2. We get you confident, organised and motivated for Maths with inspirational mentoring

Recognising that excelling in Maths isn’t simply an equation of knowing your formulas, our team of Maths tutors act as role models to holistically support and mentor you! We teach you how to study for Maths, how to structure your Maths notes and help you create your personalised study plan to prepare for your Maths assessments and exams!

3. We’re backed by 8+ years of research with Australia’s top Maths students

We’ve conducted research with the Top 2% of students in Australia who scored an ATAR of over 98 to identify recommendations and resources for excelling in Maths! Our Maths tutoring team draw upon this research in their sessions with you so you can be confident that we know exactly how to help you achieve your goals for Maths at school!


“We were recommended to get in touch with Art of Smart by a Maths teacher and while we started off with Maths, Morgan, our Art of Smart coach was much more than just a tutor – he was a mentor! It wasn’t just about Maths, but also helping Lachlan across all his subjects, in terms of how to approach subjects, strategies and how to navigate high school. Sessions were also flexible and tailored to Lachlan’s specifics needs which was fantastic!”

Read How Developing Effective Maths Study Strategies Helped Lachlan Ace Maths in the HSC!

Our Unique Approach

Personalised Maths Tutoring

Whether it’s 1 on 1 in your home or our small classes at our campus, we personalise our Maths tutoring to target your key needs!

Inspirational Mentoring for Maths

We show you how to study for Maths, write Maths study notes and help you develop your study plan for Maths assessments!

Proven Maths Tutors

Our passionate Maths tutoring team have proven academic track records in transforming Maths from complex to simple!

Individual Maths Learning Plans

We develop an individual learning plan for you for Maths that’s tailored to your personal needs & goals so that you can excel in Maths!

We’d love to chat with you to learn more about your goals for school

Successfully helping students excel in Maths at school since 2009


Students we’ve tutored & mentored


Ave mark increase of our students


Hours we’ve tutored & counting

Our incredible Maths tutoring team are…

Academically Successful with Strong Maths Expertise

First and foremost, to be a great teacher and tutor you need to know your stuff, and that’s why our Maths tutors and mentors are all academically successful, including qualified teachers to 98+ ATAR scorers and Maths State Rankers.

This means our Maths tutoring team has practical, in-depth and fresh knowledge about Maths and the new HSC syllabus so they can ensure you improve your results for Maths!

Clear Communicators who Make Maths Simple

While having strong academic credentials in Maths is important, it’s even more important to be able to communicate clearly – and that’s why our Maths tutoring team are exceptional communicators.

As a result, not only is our Maths tutoring team incredibly knowledgeable, they are communicators who can make the complexities of Maths simple for anyone to understand!

Role Models to Inspire, Guide & Support You for Maths

We believe that great teachers go beyond teaching the syllabus for Maths. They mentor, advise, coach and inspire you! As part of our holistic approach, all our Maths tutoring team provide mentoring to help you develop confidence, organise your time, build powerful Maths study habits and prepare effectively for your Maths assessments and exams for school!

As a result, our Maths tutors are mentors who guide you through the challenges of Maths at school!

+ our Maths tutoring team is…

Cleared to Work with Children

Our Maths tutoring team have undergone state-based child protection screening checks to ensure they can work with young people so you can rest assured!

Certified through our Training Program

Our Maths tutoring team get certified through our comprehensive training which equips them with the skills they need to deliver great quality Maths tutoring for you!

Equipped with Extensive Maths Resources

All of our Maths tutoring team have at their fingertips thousands of comprehensive worksheets, past papers and more to give you what you need for Maths!

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals for Maths!

Success Stories

Emelia has always struggled with Maths, and with juggling young kids and being a taxi-driver for them all, we were looking for someone who could come to us. We’d heard about Art of Smart from a friend, and very quickly we knew we’d made the right choice when Emelia felt comfortable and confident to start asking questions! Helen our AOS tutor is full of encouragement and patience and is such an amazing support to Emelia!”

Read How Emelia Transformed Her Maths Results by Feeling Comfortable to Ask Questions!









Supporting Students for all Levels of Maths

From Kindergarten through to Standard, Advanced, 3U and 4U Maths for the HSC, we can help!

K-6 Maths

7-10 Maths

Year 11 Prelim HSC

Year 12 HSC

We’re Ready for the New HSC Maths Syllabus

Our Resource Design Team of over 30 of our best teachers and tutors have rigorously crafted Maths Resource Books on the new HSC Curriculum for you, providing you with thousands of practice questions you can use to get confident & exam ready!

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