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If you’ve been wondering, “Where can I find chemistry tutoring near me?’ you’ve come to the right place! For over 10 years, Art of Smart has developed a strong team of experienced tutors and resources to aid Year 11-12 students through Chemistry tutoring, for HSC, VCE and QCE.

On average, our Chemistry tutoring students achieve a 20.7% mark increase and 93% of parents agree that our Chemistry tutors and resources have helped improve their child’s skills and confidence! 

Passionate and Enthusiastic Chemistry Tutors Near You

Our experienced Chemistry tutors tailor their methods to each individual students needs, helping them achieve both their academic and holistic goals for HSC, VCE and QCE.

Check out some of the awesome study and revision resources we’ve put together for senior Chemistry students.

Flexible Modes of Chemistry tutoring to suit your needs

We know that all students learn differently, and that’s why we offer Chemistry tutoring in several ways. Chemistry tutoring near you can be provided one-on-one in the comfort of you own home, one-on-one or group tutoring at our Hills or Hornsby Campuses, or even one-on-one or group tutoring online. 

Regardless of location, our Chemistry tutors are provided with plenty of training and an ever-growing number of resources to help students succeed.

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Our Chemistry Tutoring Locations

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Small Classes or 1 on 1 Sessions

HSC Course Structure

Is your school studying Year 11 or Year 12 Chemistry in a different sequence? No worries – we tailor our support based on your school!

  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Module 7
  • Module 8
  • Module 5: Equilibrium
    • Week 1: Static and Dynamic Equilibrium
    • Week 2: Factors that Affect Equilibrium Part 1
    • Week 3: Factors that Affect Equilibrium Part 2
    • Week 4: The Equilibrium Constant
    • Week 5: The Equilibrium Constant and Temperature
    • Week 6: Ionic Compounds
    • Week 7: Solubility Rules
    • Week 8: Solution Equilibria
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 5 Revision
  • Module 6: Acid/Base Reactions
    • Week 1: Properties of Acids and Bases
    • Week 2: Neutralisation Reactions
    • Week 3: Dealing with PH and POH
    • Week 4: Strength of Substances Part 1
    • Week 5: Strength of Substances Part 2
    • Week 6: Titrations
    • Week 7: Weak Acid Concentrations
    • Week 8: Buffer Systems
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 6 Revision
  • Module 7: Organic Chemistry
    • Week 1: Year 11 Concept Review
    • Week 2: Nomenclature
    • Week 3: Halocarbons and Isomers
    • Week 4: Hydrocarbons
    • Week 5: Hydrocarbons Reactions
    • Week 6: Alcohols
    • Week 7: Organic Acids & Bases
    • Week 8: Polymers
    • Week 9: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 10: Exam Review and Module 7 Revision
  • Module 8: Applying Chemical Ideas
    • Week 1: Analysis of Inorganic Substances
    • Week 2: Quantitative Analysis of Inorganic Substances
    • Week 3: Analysis of Organic Substances
    • Week 4: Analysing Organic Compounds
    • Week 5: Chemical Synthesis and Design
    • Week 6: End of Topic Exam
    • Week 7: Exam Review and Module 8 Revision
    • Week 8: Module 5 Revision
    • Week 9: Module 6 Revision
    • Week 10: Module 7 Revision

Browse through some of our Chemistry tutoring resources!

Exceptional Chemistry Resources Designed by Qualified Teachers

Full of activities, explanations, and practice questions, our Chemistry Tutoring Resource Books are the ultimate guide to acing Chemistry!

Developed by qualified teachers and tutors as an ultimate guide
Comprehensive dot-by-dot syllabus coverage
Range of relevant practice questions of varying difficulties
Extensive content revision to build knowledge and skills
Print delivered to your door. Available online, 24/7.

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The ease of working online with a Chemistry tutor near me

The ongoing pandemic state of the world along with the general business of Year 11-12 students’ lives has meant that students have found it harder to get the support they need. Luckily for students, Art of Smart have been conducting online chemistry tutoring sessions many years prior to COVID. This means we’ve developed a means of flexible and high-quality education that is delivered online.

Similar to face-to-face tutoring, your Chemistry tutor is personalised to you and your needs, providing both academic and holistic support. The only primary difference with online tutoring vs face-to-face tutoring is that your tutor is not physically in the same room as you. The quality of the teaching and support you receive is not impacted by mode of learning.

Not only do our Chemistry tutors have the skills to keep you engaged and effectively utilise online platforms, but we also have a large bank of online resources which your tutor can access and use to support your learning. And don’t worry parents! You child’s tutor will keep in check with you via SMS to keep you updated on your child’s progress.  

What is so great about Art of Smart's Chemistry tutoring?

If you’re looking for a Year 11-12 Chemistry tutor to guide you through your most critical schooling years, you’ve come to the right place! Since our beginnings in 2009, we’ve garnered over 13 years of experience in helping students achieve their dream Chemistry scores in the HSC, VCE and QCE. We’ve helped over 8000 students with their studies as well as their holistic goals! 

Art of Smart has a super unique approach to chemistry tutoring in that it is actually a combination of tutoring and coaching. Whilst a tutor may simply help you improve your marks in a particular subject, a coach is more than that. A coach is able to share their advice and knowledge, as well as give you guidance and support so you can not only achieve your academic goals, but any personal goals too. This can be anything from developing good study habits to fixing your sleep schedule.

What does Art of Smart Chemistry tutoring look like?

Our approach to tutoring is based on research we’ve conducted with Australia’s highest achieving students. We’ve discovered that soft skills are just as critical to achieving goals, as well as putting in the time and effort — not only in terms of primary school and high school, but life after school too. We know that Year 11 and 12 can be an incredibly stressful time for students, and that’s why we strongly encourage and assist in the development of these soft skills like stress management, healthy sleep habits, and overall wellbeing management.

Another great feature of Art of Smart Chemistry tutoring is that it is tailored to each individual student. Whether you’re a student who struggles with keeping up in class, or someone who wants to get ahead, we’ve got the tutors and the resources to help you achieve whatever your goal is.

How will an Art of Smart Chemistry tutor near me make a difference?

In order to achieve your goals, your Art of Smart chemistry tutor will spend some time getting to know who you are and what is important to you. This can include your hobbies, strengths, areas for improvement, learning style, and goals. Using this information, your chemistry tutor will work with you to come up with a personalised study and learning plan. By creating a plan, you will gain a clearer understanding of your goals and how to achieve them: the ultimate source of motivation! Throughout the term, you and your chemistry tutor can refer back to your learning plan and track your progress. And the start of each new term, you and your tutor can reflect on whether you have achieved your set goals, which goals require more work, and any new, additional goals you may want to add.

Why learn with an Art of Smart Chemistry tutor? 

At Art of Smart Education, our team is made up of passionate and experienced tutors who teach students all the way from Kindergarten to their final years of high school. We have some especially talented tutors who work with Year 11-12 Chemistry students to help them through those final, crucial years of schooling and set them up for life beyond.

Each and every one of our Chemistry tutors has undergone a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that they have both the knowledge and skills to be able to deliver the best quality of chemistry tutoring and support to each student. Whether they’re a first-year university student, a post-grad student, or a qualified teacher, we ensure that they have the required subject knowledge, communication skills, and coaching skills that will allow you to achieve your highest potential in Year 11-12 Chemistry.

The Chemistry tutor recruitment process 

Each of our Chemistry tutors have to meet minimum academic requirements, hold a current and valid working with children check, and have up to date subject knowledge, passion for education and learning, as well as strong communication and coaching skills which we evaluate through a 1-hour interview process. After all, only 1 in 8 of the many applicants are recruited, meaning your child is truly taught by the best!

In order to match you up to the ideal tutor that you can connect with and learn from, we take note of each tutors’ availability, subjects and year levels that they are able to tutor in, what they are studying in university or currently working in, as well as their extracurriculars and hobbies. 

Personalised Chemistry tutoring that suits you

Depending on your goals, learning style, and how busy you may be, Art of Smart has a number of delivery methods for Chemistry tutoring. We are flexible with our delivery so that we are able to provide top quality tutoring to all of our students in a way that caters to their individual learning style.

One-on-one Chemistry tutor near me

If your preference is 1 on 1 chemistry tutoring, this can take place at your home, online, or on our Hills or Hornsby campus. As we have a variety of chemistry tutors with flexible schedules who live in various locations available, we can find the perfect tutor to support each student at a time that suits them and their families. With online chemistry tutoring, your Chemistry tutor will be communication with you live via Zoom. Using the chat, screen sharing, and file sharing functionalities on Zoom along with a digital whiteboard, your tutor has all the right tools to give you an engaging and effective online Chemistry tutoring experience within your home!

Group Chemistry tutoring near me

If group classes are more your thing, these are run online and on campus. Regardless of where or how you learn, our amazing Chemistry tutors will work through the syllabus content at your pace to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to ace your assignments and excel at your exams.