Looking for some HSC Legal Studies Human Rights Practice Questions?

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The best thing you can do to learn a topic is practice writing about it, which is exactly why we’ve got 20 HSC Legal Studies Human Rights Practice Questions just for you!

We’ve got 2, 3, 5 and 7 marker questions so you can really nail all forms of short answer questions.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get practising!

Question 1

Define self-determination. (2 marks)

Question 2

Define universal suffrage. (2 marks)

Question 3

List two international treaties which recognise human rights. (2 marks)

Question 4

Define environmental rights. (2 marks)

Question 5

Define universal education. (2 marks)

Question 6

Outline how one international human rights document has contributed to the development of human rights. (3 marks)

Question 7

List three ways that human rights are protected by Australian domestic law. (3 marks)

Question 8

How has state sovereignty affected human rights? (3 marks)

Question 9

What is the role of the media in promoting and enforcing human rights? (3 marks)

Question 10

Explain how the Australian Human Rights Commission promotes human rights. (3 marks)

Question 11

How are human rights incorporated into Australian domestic law? (3 marks)

Question 12

How does the United Nations promote and enforce human rights? (5 marks)

Question 13

How do courts, tribunals, and independent statutory authorities promote and enforce human rights? (5 marks)

Question 14

How are human rights protected by the Australian Constitution? (5 marks)

Question 15

How do non-government organisations promote and enforce human rights? (5 marks)

Question 16

Compare the roles of international and domestic courts in protecting human rights. (7 marks)

Question 17

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of international treaties in protecting human rights domestically. (7 marks)

Question 18

Has the Australian Constitution been a sufficient measure to protect human rights in Australia? (7 marks)

Question 19

Discuss whether or not a Charter of Rights would be beneficial for protecting human rights in Australia. (7 marks)

Question 20

Compare the roles of statute law and common law in promoting and enforcing human rights. (7 marks)

And that wraps up our 20 Human Rights Practice Questions for HSC Legal Studies! Good luck!

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