Looking for some HSC Legal Studies Crime practice questions?

You’re in luck! To make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 20 HSC Legal Studies Crime Practice Questions.

All questions are for Section II, Part B of the exam paper, which is the longest response for the Crime topic (15 marks!)

So, it’s time to get practising to ensure you can nail those 15 marks! Good luck!

Question 1

How effective has the criminal justice system been in dealing with young offenders? (15 marks)

Question 2

How effective are statutory and judicial guidelines as a means of achieving justice? (15 marks)

Question 3

To what extent are post-sentencing considerations a means of achieving just and fair outcomes? (15 marks)

Question 4

Have alternative methods of sentencing been effective for achieving justice? (15 marks)

Question 5

Has the consideration of factors that affect sentencing, including the purposes of punishment and the role of the victim, been adequate for achieving justice? (15 marks)

Question 6

How effective have different types of penalties, including divisionary programs, been at achieving justice? (15 marks)

Question 7

Assess the effectiveness of the criminal trial process as a means of achieving justice. (15 marks)

Question 8

Evaluate the effectiveness of the jury system in the criminal trial. (15 marks)

Question 9

How effective has the use of defences to criminal charges been in achieving justice? (15 marks)

Question 10

What is the role of legal representation in the criminal trial? Has this been an effective means of achieving justice? (15 marks)

Question 11

To what extent is the criminal investigation process a means of achieving justice? (15 marks)

Question 12

Has the reporting and investigation of crime contributed to achieving justice? (15 marks)

Question 13

Discuss how effective the current police powers have been in achieving justice. Has this struck a balance between society’s needs and law enforcement? (15 marks)

Question 14

Explain how effective, or ineffective, situational and social crime prevention techniques have been at achieving justice for all. (15 marks)

Question 15

Evaluate the effectiveness of domestic and international legal systems in dealing with transnational crime. (15 marks)

Question 16

How has the process of bail and remand affected achieving justice with the legal system? (15 marks)

Question 17

Evaluate the effectiveness of sentencing and punishment as a means of achieving justice. (15 marks)

Question 18

Discuss the role of discretion in the sentencing and punishment of offenders. (15 marks)

Question 19

Describe the role of courts in the criminal justice process, and how they facilitate just and fair outcomes. (15 marks)

Question 20

Discuss the role of courts in the criminal justice process. (15 marks)

And that wraps up our 20 HSC Legal Studies Crime practice questions. Good luck!

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