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Pros and Cons of Computer Science at WSU

Are you curious about Computer Science at WSU? 

If you’re unsure whether or not this is the degree for you, we’ve got you covered! We talked to Megh, a WSU Computer Science graduate, to hear about all the nitty gritty details.

Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of studying Computer Science at WSU!

Why should you study a Computer Science degree at WSU?
Top 3 Pros of a Computer Science Degree
Top 3 Cons of a Computer Science Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting WSU Computer Science
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying WSU Computer Science
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Computer Science degree at WSU?

Computer Science WSU - Student Quote

It goes without saying that technology plays a massive role in our daily lives, on both a local and global level. So what you’ll find with a computer science degree is that you’re left with skills which will are high in demand.

If you want to find out more about some of the skills and types of things you’ll learn, have a read of what it’s like studying a Bachelor of Computer Science at WSU here!

Top 3 Pros of a Computer Science degree

#1: You develop skills that are applicable to the workforce

In a Bachelor of Computer Science at WSU you’ll gain a whole number of specialist skills from coding and programming to cabling and routing.

These specific skills are qualities that will differentiate you from many other employees who may have taken broader courses. 

Megh said, “Your work and skills will speak for you, so any skills you develop are really beneficial.” 

#2: There are a range of opportunities for Computer Science graduates

“There are a lot of opportunities in this degree, from small tech start-up companies, to transnational corporations,” Megh said. 

As we mentioned earlier, the demand for skills in technology and computer software or programming are growing at an increasing rate. So studying something like computer science is a great way to help fill this demand.

There are also a number of companies, big and small, often on the lookout for junior roles. These smaller positions in simple day to day activities can often lead to larger career opportunities and job positions. 

#3: Supportive environment

“The community is really nice, everyone is helpful and we message each other and help each other with lectures and tutorials when we don’t understand something,” Megh said.

WSU is said to have a very supportive and encouraging environment. Despite any ideas of competitiveness, the overall cohort dynamic is collaborative. You’ll find yourself making friends and working with peers on assignments and studying together, even if it’s an individual task. 


Top 3 Cons of a Computer Science degree

#1: It can be competitive 

I did find that the degree was sort of competitive, because the skills you learn are so universal and a lot of people are studying it,” Megh said.

As we said previously, Computer Science at WSU has a very supportive environment. However, the increasing demand for software and computer programming means that there are a large number of Computer Science graduates every year. 

This makes it quite competitive, particularly in the last couple semesters of the degree as everyone is looking for jobs, paid internships and other experience opportunities. 

#2: The workload can be hard to manage

In studying Computer Science at WSU, you can expect to have about 16 contact hours. On top of this, you also need to leave time to study and work on specific programming skills; totalling to about 40 hours a week.

So, it can be quite hard to manage this with a part time or casual job, but like with any degree, if you’re interested in the subject area and are passionate about the potential careers, hard work will definitely pay off!

#3: No work placements

Although Computer Science graduates are valued for their specialist skills in our technological world, finding a job straight out of uni can be difficult, especially with little experience.

After finishing the degree you have to approach the companies by yourself which is a bit of a drawback, but at the same time it enables you to figure things out yourself,” Megh mentioned.

As Computer Science at WSU does not offer any accredited work placement or industry experience opportunities, you have to take the initiative to source these yourself. 

Any regrets? 

Megh didn’t have any regrets in completing Computer Science at WSU!

“I feel Computer Science is great because it gives you a taste of everything, with computer development, networking, theoretics and project-based work,” Megh said.

What do you wish you had known before starting Computer Science at WSU? 

Megh said, “I wish I knew some of the basic terminologies of computer science, and foundational programming languages, as it would’ve been useful to know them. 

For example; C programming language — I think I would’ve benefitted knowing these before, but you can still develop these throughout the course.” 

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities? 

A major stand out for WSU is that the Computer Science cohort is very supportive; making it an encouraging and productive environment to be a part of. 

WSU is also considered more affordable when considering the fees for Computer Science, as Megh said, “The reason I chose this uni was the financial factor and the employment recognisability.”

Megh also mentioned that, “You can learn basic Computer Science with cheap online courses, so for me it’s important that I chose a course with networking, hands on opportunities and great facilities.”

What inspired you to choose Computer Science at WSU?

“I chose this course because of how universal computer science is — it’s relevant in every country. I also had interest in technological equipment and things like how the internet works. This course was good because it deals with the equipment and software side of things,” Megh said. 

What are the possible career paths?

Computer Science WSU - Careers

There is a vast range of careers that you can choose to pursue after completing a Computer Science degree. You’ll find that not all of these are directly related to the degree, but are job positions that value the skills of a Computer Science graduate. 

Some careers include (but of course, are not limited to): 

    • Cyber security system operator
    • Software developer
    • System programmer
    • Software engineer
    • Network developer
    • Gaming programmer 
    • Web system developer

Nandini Dhir is a Content Writer at Art of Smart and is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Marketing) and a Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications), as a Dalyell Scholar, at Sydney University. She enjoys covering local issues in her area and writing about current events in the media. Nandini has had one of her pieces published in an article with the Sydney Morning Herald. In her free time, Nandini loves doing calligraphy, ballet, and sewing, or is otherwise found coddling her cats.  


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