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Pros and Cons of Computer Science at USYD

Debating on what degree is best to pursue Computer Science at USyd? Or perhaps, you’ve chosen a Bachelor of Science but debating on studying a Computer Science major? 

With the help of Anita, a Computer Science major at USyd, this article will go through the pros, cons and more on the things you should consider before you choose your course.

Let’s dive in! 

Why should you study a Computer Science major at USYD?
Top 3 Pros of a Computer Science Major
Top 3 Cons of a Computer Science Major
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying USYD Computer Science
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Computer Science major at USYD?

A Bachelor of Science is great for anyone who is interested in working in technology and, more specifically, in career roles where programming is a necessary skill. 

In terms of developing your programming skills, Anita tells us, “BSci majoring in Computer Science has been a great way to learn about programming but also has allowed me to open up my skills in other areas such as Information Systems which also provides great skills.” 

She adds that while programming is a difficult skill, it is ultimately rewarding as it opens a diverse set of career opportunities in a world that increasingly shifts into digital and virtual forms — programming is only becoming more in demand by many companies.

Computer Science at USyd also opens up skills in other areas such as Information Systems, and through electives, this can further diversify your career options!  

Top 3 Pros of a Computer Science major

#1: Learn programming at a prestigious university

USYD has a great reputation and is very well known among many employers domestically and internationally,” Anita says. 

Across the world, and especially in Australia, USyd is one of the most notable and prestigious universities. In the 2021 QS World Rankings, USyd stands at #2 within Australia for its Computer Science and Information Systems courses!

You get to learn to program which is an amazing skill to have in the workforce,” Anita says.

Reiterating what is said above, programming opens doors to roles such as software developers, web developers, computer systems engineering and in fields as diverse as finance, healthcare, marketing and technology. And, these roles typically offer high-paying salaries! 

#2: You can also choose another major

In a Bachelor of Science at USyd, Anita tells us, “You can choose another major in conjunction with Computer Science so you can broaden your skills in more than one area.” In addition, you have the option of choosing a minor instead of a second major.

For most Science students, there isn’t just one field of science they’re interested in and this caters towards their passions, as well as keeping classes less monotonous and more lateral in your critical-thinking skills. Above everything, learning a different major hedges against putting all your eggs into the one basket! 

#3: It’s only three years 

Though Science students hone in on a variety of scientific skills during their Bachelor’s degree, Anita says that a pro that the course is only 3 years with full-time study. 

Because the degree is quite short, it motivates students to be future-forward in their university and postgraduate decisions. 

Computer Science USYD - Quote

Do you want to start working after graduate? Or perhaps pursue postgraduate study? Or even transfer in-between your degree to another? These questions come early into your degree and allow Science students to be strategic with their actions. 

Top 3 Cons of a Computer Science major

#1: Easy to fall behind

Because of the heavy workload and difficulty of the concepts, Anita says, “It can be highly challenging and stressful if you are not consistent in learning… You will most likely spend extra time studying, as it’s important to stay on top of things otherwise you will fall behind.” 

Grasping how to program, data-based algorithms, computational models and other computer science concepts is not a simple feat. 

While you should be ready to accept this fact, Anita says to not be easily discouraged: “Just because something might be challenging for you, does not mean you shouldn’t do it.” 

#2: Time-consuming

When studying a Computer Science major, most hours of your week will revolve around attending classes and catching up with uni work. Remember, the number of contact hours is approximately around 20-25 hours per week for a Computer Science major within a Bachelor of Science! 

#3: Cohort is generally introverted 

As the last con, Anita admits that the “cohort [in a Computer Science major] is very introverted so it is hard to form study groups”

Joining a related society such as SYNCS can help with this — the society offers weekly social events, cyber security workshops as well as networking opportunities. 

In addition, it’s not a bad idea to take the first step to reach out and add your classmates on Facebook or other social media! 


Any regrets? What do you wish you had known before starting Computer Science at USYD?

While she has no regrets, Anita mentions, “I wish I knew how challenging it would be! I wish I knew that it was very time consuming.

Originally a Bioscience student at MQ Uni before transferring, Anita has definitely found her grounding in studying Computer Science at USYD.

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities? 

For the few computing subjects she’d taken at MQ Uni, Anita feels that they were not taught as well as they teach it at The University of Sydney: “The assignments are more complex but teach you more,” she explains. “[Also], USYD is known for having a high employment rate after graduating.”

What inspired you to choose Computer Science at USYD?

While Anita was rethinking her decision to get into postgrad Dentistry by studying Bioscience at MQ Uni, she chose to pursue a major in Computer Science after studying a unit in programming as an elective.

“I chose Introduction to Programming as an elective subject and I ended up enjoying it and doing really well and got a distinction,” Anita says. “Also, I have been passionate about tech my whole life and have been really into computers/IT so I thought I would make the jump into Computing.”

Despite there being an Advanced Computing course at USYD, she chose BSci majoring over it as she doesn’t plan on doing an Honours, and would like more electives to expand her skill set.

“This then brought me to BSci majoring in Computer Science. I am really happy with my choice and it has landed me a great internship at a software engineering company,” she further says.  

What are the possible career paths?

Computer Science USYD - Careers

Graduating from a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at USyd opens a diverse range of careers in various fields. Some options include:

    • Software developer
    • Web developers
    • Computer systems engineer
    • Software engineers
    • Computer systems administrators 
    • Information technology consultants
    • Systems analysts
    • Finance, healthcare, marketing and technology 

Need more info on the Computer Science major at USyd? Check out our article here!

Lynn Chen is a Content Writer at Art of Smart Education and is a Communication student at UTS with a major in Creative Writing. Lynn’s articles have been published in Vertigo, The Comma, and Shut Up and Go. In her spare time, she also writes poetry.


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