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Pros and Cons of a Bachelor of Computer Science at UNSW

You now know all the facts and stats about the Bachelor of Computer Science at UNSW. If you don’t, have a quick squiz here.  

But, are you still curious about how people feel about this degree? Wonder no more! 

We chatted with Saurav, a Bachelor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering student at UNSW about what this degree is really like to study.

Have a look! 

Why should you study a Computer Science degree at UNSW?
Top 3 Pros of a Computer Science Degree
Top 3 Cons of a Computer Science Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting UNSW Computer Science
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying UNSW Computer Science
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Computer Science degree at UNSW?

Computer Science UNSW - Student Quote

UNSW ranks as one of the top 5 universities in Australia that offer degrees within the area of Computer Science! To graduate from a university with such prestige and proven results will only boost a student’s visibility and job prospects once they enter the real world.

Top 3 Pros of a Computer Science degree

#1: Graduates are Instantly Industry Ready 

“This degree really helps you think like a programmer — someone who tries to constantly create and develop. You will develop an abstract style of thinking,” Saurav says. 

Computer Science at UNSW is delivered in a sense that will not only prepare students theory-wise, but in a practical manner too. Students will constantly be exposed to new and industry-used programs, and have the chance to work on assessments and tasks that mirror what they will be doing once they graduate.

#2: Passionate and Accessible Lecturers and Tutors 

The teachers for UNSW’s Bachelor of Computer Science go above and beyond to provide students with the resources needed to succeed. 

“The teachers are pretty helpful and they give you all the resources needed. They have meeting sessions you can join, like a live Q and A session and you’re able to ask your tutor for help with any questions you may have about the content,” Saurav tells us. 

#3: Many Different Majors to Choose From 

“There are many different majors students can choose from,” Saurav says. He’s still deciding what he will select as his major, but Embedded Systems is one he’s considering to coincide with his Engineering degree! 

For Computer Science at UNSW, there are seven different majors that can be undertaken. These include:


Top 3 Cons of a Computer Science degree

#1: Weekly Exams 

For some units, there is a test each week, but they will only take your top six to go towards your final grade!” Saurav tells us. 

So, there’s an expectation for you to keep up with the content and the tutors can do this by testing students on their content weekly! Stay diligent and this will not be a problem.

#2 Trimesters aren’t a favourite with everyone 

UNSW follows the trimester teaching pattern — there are three teaching blocks each year, this is different to other universities and isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They’re just a bit of a hurdle for some people to get used to, especially if all your other friends at uni are at unis that take semesters!

However, in saying this, it should be noted that trimesters can also do a lot of good for students! Students have the potential to fast-track their degrees by completing three units every trimester, thus, lessening their workload in the final year of study.

#3 Long Hours 

Lectures for this degree can be very long — sometimes you will be sitting in the auditorium for 3 hours! Additionally, tutorials can last anywhere from 1 hour plus depending on the unit, while labs will usually run for 2 hours. “Sometimes labs will go over the 2 hour timeframe,” Saurav says. 

The contact hours for this degree can vary greatly depending on the units selected for each trimester. However, generally, students can expect to be on campus for at least 14-21 hours each week! 

Any regrets?

The 2020 global pandemic definitely hasn’t made learning any easier for students, and for Computer Science students at UNSW, it feels less accessible and social — according to Saurav.

“I can’t say that the online learning and teaching was as enjoyable as it is in person,” Saurav says.

What do you wish you had known before starting this degree?

There will be group work and lots of it, but do not let this stress you out. Saurav tells us how he has found it is best to navigate the world that is group tasks and assessments: 

“One thing in groups I’ve found is that it’s a really interesting experience working with other people in programming. Prior to uni I never had to do that. You will have to delegate tasks and balance the workload and you don’t want to be doing way too much of the work, but you also don’t want to leave it to everyone else!” 

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities?

UNSW’s Computer Science degree really helps students to flourish on their own merits. Students who go the extra mile and put themselves out there, even to ask for help will be rewarded with an abundance of knowledge and resources, even friendly faces! 

“I haven’t been to any other uni so I can’t really speak on them, but I really love UNSW’s culture. The societies and groups run all these activities and things to do! If you’re passionate about computing this is the place to go — it’s just a really enjoyable place to learn,” Saurav tells us. 

What inspired you to choose this degree?

UNSW’s Computer Science degree is known for being a degree that gets students industry ready with the marks to prove it! 

“I expect that I’ll be able to get a large number of programming jobs, and I’ll be able to find a relatively decent job,” Saurav says. 

Potential Career Paths

Computer Science UNSW - Careers

There are many different possible career paths that can be undertaken upon the completion of a Bachelor of Computer Science at UNSW. Here are just a few directions this degree can take you in: 

    • Software engineer/developer
    • Chief technology officer
    • Digital security specialist
    • Database developer/administrator
    • Game developer
    • Systems analyst

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