Need some #HELP with HSC English??

Struggle with writing essays? Don’t know how to effectively analyse texts or incorporate evidence?

I think we can all agree… it can get pretty tricky!

That’s why we’ve created…

The HSC English Lit Program

Each episode, Brooklyn and Rowan will break down a new part of the HSC English course. The great thing is: you get to choose what they cover!

Whether it’s a point of the new Syllabus you don’t understand or a specific text you need analysed, leave a comment on the video and we’ll try and cover it in the next episode!

Check it out!

Episode #1: How to Craft an HSC Essay Analysis
Episode #2: Shakespeare (The Crucible Analysis)
Episode #3: Past the Shallows
Episode #4: Keats and Bright Star
Episode #5: Henry Lawson 
Episode #6: T.S Eliot
Episode #7: Shakespeare (King Henry IV Part 1 Analysis)

Episode #1: How to Craft an HSC Essay Analysis (Merchant of Venice)

Analysing a text can be so confusing!

You’ve got to find themes, quotes, and techniques. Plus, if you’re studying Shakespeare you can’t even understand what he’s saying!

That’s why in our first episode of #HELP, we show you to create an effective essay analysis:

HSC English Lit Review #1: How to Craft an HSC Essay Analysis

We’ll take you through how to get the most out of your text and use evidence to support your arguments.

Episode #2: The Crucible Analysis

Need to analyse The Crucible for your essay?

In this episode we take a deep dive and look at the predominant themes and ideas included:

HSC English Lit Review #2: The Crucible Analysis

We’ll also work to help you craft an essay that allows you to stand out in your exams.

Episode #3: Past the Shallows

Studying ‘Past the Shallows’ as your prescribed text?

In this episode, we show you how to analyse this text, as well as how to implement this analysis in an essay.

HSC English Lit Review #3: Past the Shallows

Check it out!

Episode #4: Keats and Bright Star

Need to do an in-depth analysis of Keats and ‘Bright Star’ for HSC English? You’ve come to the right place!

HSC English Lit Review #4: Keats and Bright Star

Throughout this episode, we’ll be using the Keats poem Grecian Urn as an example.

We’re going to walk you through the connections Keats Poems and the movie Bright Star have to the Texts and Human Experiences Module!

Episode #5: Henry Lawson

Studying HSC English? Need to do an in-depth analysis of Henry Lawson’s ‘The Union Buries its Dead’ to craft a Band 6 worthy essay?

HSC English Lit Review #5: Henry Lawson’s ‘The Union Buries its Dead’

We’re going to walk you through how to analyse the text, provide you with a sample paragraph, and reflect on the best ways to write a Band 6 response!

Episode #6: T.S Eliot (The Hollow Men)

Struggle with analysing poetry?

HSC English Lit Review #6: T.S Eliot (The Hollow Men)

In this episode, Rowan and Brooklyn will show you how to analyse poetry using ‘The Hollow Men’ as an example!

Episode #7: Shakespeare (King Henry IV)

Completely lost as to how to analyse King Henry IV Part 1 by Shakespeare for HSC Advanced English Module B?

HSC English Lit Review #7: Shakespeare (King Henry IV)

We’ve got the ultimate guide to understanding King Henry IV Part 1 and four easy steps to ace analysing it and get that Band 6!

Who are we and why should you trust our HSC English analysis?

Meet Brooklyn…

It’s fair to say that Brooklyn is more than qualified to co-host the HSC English Lit Program. Brooklyn has a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in English literature with Honours at the University of Sydney. She scored an HD average and has even received the Dean’s award for excellence! Brooklyn teaches our English classes at Art of Smart and has over 5 years of experience supporting Year 11 and 12 students throughout their HSC. She’s also a new Syllabus expert and studied 4U English in high school!

Meet Rowan…

Rowan is the CEO of Art of Smart Education and has spent the last 10 years conducting research with Australia’s Top 2% of students. He is the author of Secrets of HSC Success Revealed and has worked with over 10,000 students in the last decade. Rowan has taught HSC English over these past 10 years and has helped students achieve State Rankings. He has a Bachelor of Arts/Law from USYD and scored a 99.6 ATAR with 95% in HSC English.

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