Creative writing is the hardest part of HSC English.

Some may say that’s because I’m not particularly creative, but I think the issue is that there’s no right or wrong way to write a creative piece.

However, something that helped me deal with this was reading other creative writing pieces! That way I could get inspiration and a better idea of what a Band 6 creative writing piece looked like.

So to help you craft your very own Band 6 HSC English Creative Writing piece, we’ve got the best of the best…

Dr Anna McHugh literally wrote the textbook on HSC Creative Writing!

Anna has extensive teaching experience, including…

  • 2 x PhD’s from USYD and Oxford
  • Qualified English teacher with 10 years+ experience at Sydney’s top schools
  • Wrote the definitive textbook on Creative Writing used by schools across NSW!

To help you write your Band 6 Creative Writing piece, here is a sample answer written by Anna herself, based on this stimulus:

Compose a piece of imaginative writing that explores how human experiences can be far-reaching and transformative. 


Use the image below as the central element in your writing. 

So what are you waiting for? Download your copy now!

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Are you looking for some extra help with HSC Creative Writing?

We pride ourselves on our inspirational coaches and mentors – just like Anna! 

Anna leads our Year 11-12 tutorials for both Standard and Advanced English and is available for 1 on 1 sessions for English Standard – 4U and Ancient, Modern and Extension History!

To find out more and book in with Dr Anna McHugh make sure you get in touch today! 

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