Looking for practice questions to test your knowledge on the HSC Ancient History Personality Study? You’ve come to the right place!

Answering practice questions for your Personalities in Their Times study is a great way to test your knowledge of syllabus content, and brush up on your exam skills to maximise marks in assessments!

Let us walk you through what the new HSC Ancient History Personality Study section looks like and then dive into some practice questions!

New Layout of Exam
Practice Questions

New Layout of Exam

From 2019 onward, the layout of the HSC Ancient History exam has changed. 

Now, questions in Section Three of the exam will contain two or three parts, with one question worth between ten and fifteen marks. The Section in worth a total of twenty five marks.

While pre-2019 HSC Exams are still relevant study tools, keep in mind that the structure of the Personality questions is different to what you will receive in your HSC and Trials exams.

The new structure may require you to demonstrate wider knowledge of your topic, with the possibility of more questions.

You should also be prepared to make judgements about your studied personality, and argue this throughout an extended response.

Ultimately, this section is assessing your ability to communicate historical knowledge and arguments in a clear and thorough manner. Where possible, support your points with historical sources and evidence. As with any other subject, ensure your answer and the historical detail you provide is relevant to the question.

Practice Questions

Wanting to practice your exam skills for the new range of questions? Check out our practice papers below!

Our first practice paper has questions specific to your personality, while the second and third contain generic questions which apply to all personalities.

Be sure to present a clear answer to the question and support your view with reference to relevant sources!

We hope you found these 3 practice papers for HSC Modern History Personality study useful! Happy practising!

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