I’ve got a question for you:

How bad do you want it?

Honestly, when students tell me about their goals, I get really inspired!

Students tell me they want to be entrepreneurs, get 99+ ATARs, be engineers or psychologists. All these amazing ambitions and inspiring goals are incredible.

But then I ask students: “Okay, great. What does your day or week look like? What are you actively doing to achieve that goal?”

And then it gets a little awkward…

Generally students have big goals, but aren’t taking action to achieve those goals.

So, I want to know:

Is there a gap between your goals and the action that you’re taking?

Now, the reality might be that your goals don’t match your action because you don’t really want it.

I get it.

When someone asks you “What do you want to do with your life after school?” you can feel obligated to come up with some sort of answer, even if you don’t really know what your answer is – and that’s okay.

But most of the time, when I ask students “Is that what you REALLY want to do?” they look at me and say “Yeah! That’s what I want to do.”

So, if this is you, but you’re still not matching your actions to this goal, I want you to ask yourself:

“How much do I really want it?”

See, I’ve met people that DO really want to achieve their goals, and EVERYTHING they do is designed to get them closer to their goals.

They’re motivated and they’re doing the work to make their dream a reality.

So, think about it.

What’s your big picture goal? What actions are you taking now, and what do you need to be doing to make your goal a reality?

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Isabella Hanley is the Digital Marketing Manager at Art of Smart. She is super passionate about sharing her knowledge on surviving the HSC since completing the HSC herself in 2014. In her downtime she enjoys Netflix binging like a pro, singing in the shower and hanging out with her awesome rescue dog, Ruby.