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Pros and Cons of a Bachelor of Nursing at Monash University

Not sure which Nursing degree is the one for you? Have you considered a degree in Nursing at Monash?

Well you might just be in luck! We’ve had a chat with Sara, a Bachelor of Nursing Graduate at Monash University. She’s shared some of the pros and cons of this degree, alongside her experiences at Monash. 

If you want to know more about the subjects, assessments, contact hours and societies, check out what it’s like studying a Bachelor of Nursing at Monash University here.

Now, let’s dive into the pros and cons of Nursing at Monash!

Why should you study a Nursing degree at Monash?
Top 3 Pros of a Nursing Degree
Top 3 Cons of a Nursing Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting Monash Nursing
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying Monash Nursing
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Nursing degree at Monash?

If you are interested in first aid, health care, helping others or medicine, Nursing could be a suitable career prospect for you. Therefore, studying Nursing to become a registered nurse would be the first step! 

This 3-year undergraduate degree at Monash provides you with the knowledge and necessary hours of placement to graduate as a registered nurse. If you are interested in midwifery, you can also complete this as a double degree with a Bachelor of Nursing at Monash University. 

Monash University also has strong connections with Monash Health, which is a great way to find employment as a Nursing graduate.

Top 3 Pros of a Nursing degree

#1: Practical experience

Nursing degrees are incredibly practical, and are designed to prepare you for work in stressful or pressuring environments. 

“I was really nervous going into Nursing,” Sara said, “but once I was in the degree, it was so practical and engaging, and I found it so interesting.”

There are a number of work placements that you would undertake as a Nursing student at Monash. These placements occur in one to five-week blocks throughout each year of the degree. 

#2: The environment

It’s a supportive environment, from the peers to the tutors, everyone is really nice, and we got practical experience with technology that was actually in hospitals,” Sara said.

The overall environment in Nursing at Monash is described as supportive and collaborative! The nature of the degree attracts people who have a passion for care and helping others, so you are in an environment with a friendly cohort. 

The physical environment at Monash is also great! The university has a range of technology that is used in hospitals, giving students real-life and up to date experience. 

#3: Multidisciplinary approach

Nursing at Monash University adopts a multidisciplinary approach with interactive learning days that bring together students from various health degrees. These interactive learning days are designed to replicate the workplace, where nurses are not just working with other nurses, but doctors and pharmacists

Students partake in professional development, for instance with Pharmaceutical and Medical students in the Monash Medical Centre. 

Sara said, “The interactive learning days are part of the multidisciplinary collaboration that the uni organises. We learnt medical techniques like pain management, how to wear scrubs, and administer medication.”

According to graduate employment data, Nursing is in the top 10 most employable degrees! Read more here!

Top 3 Cons of a Nursing degree

#1: Exam pressure

We have exams basically every semester, so there is exam pressure.” Sara said. 

Almost all the subjects you take throughout the Nursing degree at Monash are core units, meaning it is compulsory for you to complete them to graduate your degree. 

Therefore, exam time can become stressful because certain core units are prerequisites to move onto the next subject, so not passing the subject will require you to repeat it. 

#2: Intense

Many Nursing degrees are longer than three years, or require you to do further studies or qualifications to become a registered nurse. As Monash University fits all the requirements into a compact 3-year undergraduate degree, it can become quite intense. 

“It’s intense, but it’s fun — in three years we learn so much!” Sara said. “It’s integrated with placement so it’s intense balancing out uni work, work placement and casual jobs.”

So, if you are looking to study Nursing, you want to be able to rely on your time management skills to help you juggle the workload.

#3: There is a lot of terminology to learn

Sara said, “As an international student, with English being my second language, I had to spend more time learning medical terms and understanding slang to interact with and understand local patients.”

Although it was hard for Sara to learn all the terminology as an international student, there are still difficulties for students who are native English speakers. 

Nursing, and the medical field in general, involves a lot of abbreviations that you need to remember, so you have to be proactive in understanding the content you learn.

Any regrets? 

I do wish that I got experience in RUSON and just got more volunteering experience with hospitals or St John’s Ambulance,” Sara said. 

RUSON (Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing) is an opportunity for second and third year students to work as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) at Monash Health. It’s a great opportunity that gives Nursing students experience in, and exposure to, a hospital environment while studying at university!

Sara said, “I wish that I gained the valuable practical experience that program offers, so I think students should get more experience working in health areas that you’re interested in.”

What do you wish you had known before starting Monash Nursing? 

Nursing at Monash - Quote

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of terminology to learn in Nursing. Sara’s advice is to keep note of all these abbreviations and what they mean, so that you can reference them easily whilst trying to remember them.

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities? 

The main difference in studying Nursing at Monash is the length of the degree! Most universities offer Nursing courses that are four to five years, whereas at Monash you can complete the degree in just three years. 

Sara said, “I also like the area that I’m studying in, on the main campus. There’s great transport  and I’m in a supportive and innovative university.”

About to graduate from high school in Victoria and pursue nursing? Check out our Guide to Applying to University Through VTAC for instructions!

What inspired you to choose Monash Nursing?

When I was younger I had a skating injury and had to go to the hospital and the nurse was so caring and kept talking to me,” Sara said.

“I think we are afraid of uncertainty, but the nurse took care of me at this time and as a kid I thought the nurse was an angel and I just wanted to be like her!

In terms of choosing Monash University, Sara knew of their reputable degrees on an international level. She was also drawn to the diverse community, “All the students are from different backgrounds and it’s very collaborative!

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What are the possible career paths?

Nursing Monash - Careers

If you’re interested in studying Nursing, chances are you want to become a nurse! There are actually a number of career paths you can pursue as a nursing graduate, including specific areas of health and medicine.

These include:

  • Hospital nurse
  • Emergency nurse
  • Palliative care
  • Rehabilitation nurse
  • Oncological nurse
  • Mental health care
  • Occupational health 
  • Disability nurse
  • Aged care nurse

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