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Pros and Cons of a Bachelor of Medical Science at WSU

You now know all the facts and stats about the Bachelor of Medical Science at WSU — if you don’t, fill yourself in here.  

But, are you still wondering about how people feel about this degree? Wonder no more! 

We chatted with Anna, a Bachelor of Medical Science student at WSU about what this degree is really like to study.

Check it out! 

Why should you study a Medical Science degree at WSU?
Top 3 Pros of a Medical Science Degree
Top 3 Cons of a Medical Science Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting WSU Medical Science
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying WSU Medical Science
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Medical Science degree at WSU?

There are many different reasons to study a Bachelor of Medical Science at WSU. 

WSU Medical Science - Student Quote

Some people study a Bachelor of Medical Science at WSU to enhance their career and academic opportunities — more on this later! 

If you’re really considering it, the Bachelor of Medical Science at WSU is an excellent foundational degree, awesome for students who want a little taste of everything within the Medical Science discipline!

After completing aspects of this degree, students may elect to transfer to other, more specific courses, like Anna with Physiotherapy, or, students may pursue this degree with the desire to create a career in research.

Top 3 Pros of a Medical Science degree

#1: The Broad Range of Directions this Degree Can Take You

The Bachelor of Medical Science at WSU has a common first year, meaning that all students undertaking this degree share the same units until they select their majors in the second year. You really get to try everything before you buy! 

“If you enjoy Science and don’t exactly know where to take it, this degree really mashes it all together,” said Anna. 

#2: The Variety of Teaching Styles 

Studying this degree gives you so many different ways to learn — from labs to workshops, all learning styles will be enriched! 

“For most classes, I have a workshop and a practical of some form! Some classes have a lecture and tutorial as well. I’ve got 2-4 classes for each unit,” said Anna.

#3: Scholarships and Job Opportunities Available 

“There are scholarships for women within STEM. I find that to be super awesome,” said Anna. This focus on helping women find their place within a previously male-dominated industry makes students extremely happy. 

“I do also get emails from the Career Hub about job offers — they’re generalised though. They aren’t necessarily to do with my degree,” said Anna. The focus on real world outcomes is another aspect that WSU heavily promotes through their Career Hub. 


Top 3 Cons of a Medical Science degree

#1: Not Many Job Prospects Without Further Study 

The job prospects from this degree are all very lab tech or research-based,” said Anna. 

However, it should be noted that with further study students have many different prospects. This degree can help students to gain admission to lab tech or lab researcher careers, but it can also be used as a stepping stone towards other jobs!

#2: The Large Workload 

WSU Medical Science is a very time-consuming degree to study, so you will need to be wholeheartedly committed! 

Depending on classes, you can have a quiz due within class every week,” revealed Anna. The degree’s contact hours can range from 15-20 hours on campus per week, sometimes more or a bit less depending on what subjects are being taken at the time! 

Students will also be given regular quizzes that need to be completed, sometimes on a weekly basis, or assignments that need to be completed within students’ own time. 

#3: Some Tutors are Passionate and Great, Others Aren’t 

The teaching staff within this faculty seem to be a mixed-bag — some are great, while others can leave you wanting more. 

“I have had a beautiful unit coordinator for Biodiversity and had a really promising unit coordinator for another unit, but unfortunately she really let us down. There was another coordinator that was also promising, but I dropped the unit as I didn’t feel supported. If they’re outstanding that’s great, but then there are some that let us down,” explained Anna. 

Any regrets?

“If I could have my time again, I would have deferred during 2020! The online learning was difficult for this degree.”

This personal shortcoming for studying Medical Science is based on Anna’s experience throughout the global pandemic of 2020. We can only hope that this will not alter anyone’s study in the future.

Being a heavily practical-based degree, teaching classes online rather than in-person could have made students feel less engaged or excited about their degree, particularly with all the face-to-face pracs/labs they would have missed out on.

What do you wish you had known before starting the degree?

You will have some very dry and boring days that you may hate! But other days will definitely make it better. Sometimes you will be super engaged — others bored out of your mind,” said Anna. 

Since the units in first year have been pre-chosen and are ones that all WSU Medical Science students must undertake, unfortunately you won’t always study subjects you are interested in. However, you will always gain something from these classes.

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities?

“There are lots of broad topics within this degree. I think if you’re interested in Anatomy or even Physics and Chemistry but don’t exactly know how to apply it, something like this degree is probably really, really good for you. Even the Biology based units are quite heavily linked with Chemistry. If you enjoy Science and don’t exactly know where to take it, this degree really mashes it all together,” said Anna.

Some of the different units that students will undertake within Medical Science at WSU include:

What inspired you to choose this degree?

WSU is awesome at supporting the individual students. They are very student-focused rather than the marks they are getting against the universities, or their reputation,” said Anna.

What are the possible career paths?

WSU Medical Science - Careers

“There are three different majors you can opt to do. Depending on which direction you choose, this will determine your job prospects, like my major, Anatomy and Physiology — this major would give you a more practical job. There’s Biochemistry, which is more research and lab-based. There is also Medicinal Chemistry that would take you more into the Pharmaceutical based direction,” said Anna. 

There are many different possible career paths with this degree, even bridging courses. 

    • Lab research-based careers
    • Practical lab jobs
    • Jobs within pharmaceuticals
    • With further study — Master of Medicine 
    • Used as a bridging course to more specialised study — Physiotherapy 

Learn more about a career as a Physiotherapist here!

Matilda Elliott is a Content Writer at Art of Smart and a Communication graduate with a major in Journalism at Western Sydney University. You can find some of her published work in a range of platforms including SBS World News, The Music Network and within her own creative exploits with her twin sister. Matilda is a lover of listening, helping people to tell their stories, making genuine connections, clowning around in her circus troupe and dancing like no one is watching at live music shows!


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