Formal is one of the most memorable nights of your high school life but often too much hype is placed on going with the perfect date. What people seem to forget is that going by yourself is cool and can be even better than going with a date. You don’t need to take someone to make your night awesome; all you need is the right attitude and your fabulous friends!

Find out below my top 5 reasons why you should go to formal solo.

Reason 1: No obligations

While bringing a cute date sounds great in theory, and indubitably great for the photos, it can mean you are left attached to an unfamiliar person for hours! Your date could be unfamiliar with the surroundings, leaving you responsible for making them feel included. This will limit your ability to mingle with other people. Let’s face it, dates can suck!



Reason 2: You spend the night with people who matter to you most

Without a date you can spend formal with your friends, lets face it most high school relationships don’t last forever while your friendships will. Spend time with your friends and dance the night away for a carefree evening with people that know you best.


Reason 3: You can dance with anyone

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This is in conjunction with our earlier point about mingling but in reference to dancing. When you have a date you have 3 undesirable scenarios a) they want to dance and you don’t, b) you want to dance but can’t leave them hanging at the table by themselves or c) you want to dance but with someone else. The easiest way to avoid this is going without a date then you can dance with whomever takes your fancy!

Reason 4: It’s cheaper

Let’s face it! Formal is not cheap; the tickets, outfits, and transport can be very pricey.  Common courtesy dictates that if you invite a date from outside of school you buy their ticket (which in most cases is over $100). You can save yourself some serious cash by going solo. You can put that money towards something else.

Reason 5: No drama

Formals often cause a lot of drama, particularly when you get dates involved. So on top of all of the aforementioned reasons, you can have a dateless and painless night. Without a date, and without the possibility of drama, your formal experience will be a lot more enjoyable on the whole.


The world will not end if you don’t have a date for formal. However, it’s also important to note that if you choose not to attend formal that’s ok as well.  Formal is all about what you make of it, so be sure to turn up expecting to have a magical night and you will!


Have fun!

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