Study, exam and career mentoring that helps you get into a rock-solid study habit, stay healthy and maximise your options for life after school. 

1. We help you develop your study habits so you are motivated, have a consistent study habit & know how to study for exams

Through 1 on 1 mentoring sessions and small group workshops, we break down the key study habits you need to get motivated, consistently minimise procrastination, and improve your memory retention and exam preparation so you can maximise your options for life after school!

2. We help you clarify what you want to do when you finish school and support you get into your dream uni course

With more opportunities than ever, we help you get into your dream university course with our career mentoring, which includes supporting you craft your early entry and scholarship applications!

3. We help you stay healthy so you don’t burn-out through the Year 10-12 journey so you can perform at your best!

If you’re not physically and mentally healthy you can’t perform at your best, so our team of mentors work with you to develop the key resiliency skills you need so you can effectively manage your energy and balance your co-curriculars so that you can perform at your best throughout Year 10-12 while still having fun!

Ming Yu
“The Future Leaders program helps you not only in your studies, but in life. Their experience and advice is extremely valuable and has greatly assisted me throughout high school, Year 12, and my transition to university. It helped me confidently decide to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW which I am loving studying!”

Ming – 97.1 ATAR studying a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW

Overall, the Future Leaders Program will help you…

 Improve Your Marks

Through mentoring we will help you develop the key skills you need so your marks reflect your potential and you are ace your assessments and HSC exams!

Develop a Powerful Study Routine

We help you develop a powerful study routine so you can minimise procrastination and study smart for your HSC!

Build Your Exam Technique

Say goodbye to silly mistakes in exams as we help you avoid running out of time by building your exam technique!

Develop Your Leadership Skills

We help you grow your confidence and develop your leadership capabilities and skills so you are ready for life after school!

Explore Your Passions

We help you explore your passions, interests and values so you can confidently identify potential career pathways.

Choose Your Uni Course

We help you pick the right degree and university for you, and help you navigate university preferences and early entry!

Apply for Early Entry & Scholarships

With millions of dollars of scholarships available, we help you apply successfully for scholarships, co-ops & cadetships!

Build Your Personal Brand

We help you craft a personal brand for yourself so that you can confidently pitch and sell yourself for potential career opportunities!

Craft Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

We help you craft a powerful Resume and LinkedIn profile so that you stand out from the crowd when looking for opportunities!

Practice in Mock Interviews

We help you prepare for interviews with mock interview practice so you can get comfortable before the real thing!

Develop a Personal Project

We help you identify and create a personal project you can work on with your mentors and stand out from your peers!

Stay Healthy & Avoid Burnout

We help you balance all your co-curriculars and study so you can stay healthy during Year 10-12 so you don’t burn-out!

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How does the Future Leaders Program work?

Personalised Mentoring Sessions

You’ll work with one of our incredible team who will mentor, guide and support you! These mentoring sessions are 1 on 1 and are organised at a time that is mutually convenient.

In your mentoring sessions in a 1 on 1 setting we will help you develop a rock solid study routine, prepare for your exams, stay motivated, craft your resume, LinkedIn profile, and scholarship applications, manage your university preferences and support you as you develop your personal project so you can build industry mentors and work experience opportunities!

Workshops with Experts

We run hands-on, high energy workshops with our CEO Rowan Kunz and amazing experts that are deeper dives into key skills and cutting edge information you need to make a successful transition to life after school!

We explore how to study for your HSC Trials and HSC Exams, how to apply for scholarships, how to manage your university preference, how to find work experience and more! Our mentoring sessions with you then complement these workshops building on them and providing you with the 1 on 1 support to implement your learnings!

Full Day Seminar Once Each Quarter

Four times each year (every 3 months) we run a full-day seminar that provides you with time to get stuck in and do the work – building your personal project, connecting with industry mentors, finding work experience and more, all with the support of our team!

Additionally, these full day seminars provide a fantastic opportunity for us to run hands-on activities like mock interview practice and pitching practice while also enabling you to network with other incredible students in the Future Leaders program!

Plus, you also receive…

12 Month Action Plan

We give you a step by step action plan that takes out all the guesswork and stress so you can ace Year 10-12 and get ready for life after school!

Online Resources 

As you progress through your 12-month action plan you’ll have access to a library of online resources and videos to support you 24-7!

Community Support

You’re not alone – you’ll have phone and email support from our team as well as a community of our amazing students you can learn from!

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