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Download Printable Year 2 Spelling Words Worksheets | Australian Curriculum

Wondering where to find resources to improve your child’s spelling? Well, look no further because we’ve got 100 spelling words for Year 2 students in Australia and have created a number of worksheets that you child can utilise!

With these spelling worksheets, your child can supplement the vocabulary they’ve been learning in school with other common sounds and spelling patterns for their age group.

If you’re looking for the spelling words, then keep scrolling!

Sample Year 2 Spelling Words for Students in Australia
Using Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check
NAPLAN Preparation
Download Your 100 Year 2 Spelling Words Worksheets

Looking for spelling worksheets for different year groups?

We’ve got you sorted! Check out our worksheets for the different primary school year groups as well as Year 7 below:

Year 1 | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6 | Year 7

Sample Year 2 Spelling Words for Students in Australia


Unsure what you’ll be getting when you download our resources? Here’s a quick preview of our spelling worksheets for Year 2 students in Australia, which have been formatted using the “look, say, cover, write and check” technique!

Year 2 Spelling Words Australia - Sample

Using Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check

Now what are the benefits to this spelling strategy?

Firstly, the technique is pretty self-explanatory. Your child needs to look at the word, say it, cover the word up so they can visualise in their mind how it is spelt, then write and check if they have spelt it correctly.

By using this technique, students are not just able to work on their writing skills — they’re able to practise their verbal and reading skills by saying the words aloud.

With the English language, a lot of words may sound different to the literal spelling of the word, because of all the different rules we have, such as silent letters, homophones, and so on! So it’s definitely important to practise saying words while also reading and writing them.

Writing and checking also allows room for improvement, and recognising when mistakes are made with the spelling of words.

NAPLAN Preparation

Next year, your child will be sitting their NAPLAN tests for the first time! If you aren’t too familiar with what’s involved in NAPLAN, your child will basically be assessed on their skills in:

  • Reading & Writing
  • Language Conventions
  • Numeracy

For more information on how the tests work, you can check out our guide here!

Within the Language Conventions portion of NAPLAN, your child will be assessed on their spelling ability. Questions will involve identifying and correcting errors in simple words.

For example, this is what one of the questions from a past NAPLAN test looked like:

Year 3 NAPLAN Spelling

By using our Year 2 Spelling Words Worksheets, your child will get more exposure to correcting any errors they make when working through the sheets.

Have a read of our guide to the Year 3 NAPLAN to learn more here!

To get a better understanding of the types of questions your child will be asked in the NAPLAN tests, you can access heaps of practice tests here!

Download Your 100 Year 2 Spelling Words Worksheets

If your child wants more than 20 words to practise their spelling skills with, we recommend downloading the FREE worksheets we’ve linked below!

What more could you want? You’ll have access to all 100 Spelling Words for Year 2 students in Australia that we’ve collated.

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Alicia Hassell is currently completing her final year of a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with teaching areas in French, English and EAL/D. Teaching is a big passion of hers, and she loves everything involving languages. In her spare time she likes to read a good book and sew her own clothes!

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