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Top 5 Universities for a Bachelor of Education in 2022 Revealed

Considering a Bachelor of Education?

Perhaps you still really admire your Year 10 English teacher and would love to inspire others in the way they have. 

We have a list of the best universities to help you do that! Take a peek. 

#5. Queensland University of Technology


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Queensland University of Technology’s School of Education and Leadership ranks at number 5 for top Australian Education schools, according to QS Top Universities Rankings 2022. 

The school is also ranked 70th globally, according to QS Top Universities Rankings 2022. It is also the 15th best university overall in Australia according to the Top Universities in Australia 2022 rankings.


Located on the Kelvin Grove campus, Queensland University of Technology offers three specialisations for a Bachelor of Education — early childhood, primary education and secondary education.

The Peter Coldrake Education Precinct provides a mix of collaborative learning spaces and state-of-the-art technology for students, which include visual STEM facilities to demonstrate the science behind how children learn.

Plus, you won’t be missing out on any aesthetics — the Education building has a cool LED globe suspended over its two floors!

The Education Precinct is at the heart of the main campus, making it easier for Education students to access all of QUT’s technologies such as the Kelvin Grove Library and digital collaborative learning spaces.

Entry Requirements

All specialisations (Early Childhood, Primary Education and Secondary Education) in a Bachelor of Education require an 2022 ATAR of 72. Students must have also studied any English and Mathematics subject in Year 12.

Additionally, Early Childhood Education students must have also at least one of the following subjects:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Marine Science
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Check out the scholarships available for future QUT students studying a Bachelor of Education here!

#4. Deakin University

Deakin - Bachelor of Education

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Deakin University totals in as the fourth best place to study education in Australia, according to QS Top University Rankings by Subject 2022.

The university is ranked at 43rd globally for a Bachelor of Education. This also comes from the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022. 

Deakin is also Australia’s 16th best ranked uni by QS Top Universities 2022. 


Deakin University is found across three campuses. The Burwood campus is located about 25 minutes from Melbourne and the Waurn Ponds campus is close to Geelong. 

Across all campuses, Deakin has roughly 53,000 students in total. This university also prides itself on having the highest student satisfaction rates in Victoria. 

At Deakin, you can study a Bachelor of Early Childhood or Primary teaching. These degrees run across trimesters, rather than semesters and last for a duration of four years. 

To study secondary teaching at Deakin, you must first complete an undergrad in your chosen field before continuing to a Master of Teaching (Secondary)! Deakin also offers postgraduate study in specialist teaching and research. 

Look for your ideal scholarship to Deakin here!

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor of Education (Primary) currently requires an ATAR of 70.2 for Burwood and Waurn Ponds campuses or 73.15 for the Warrnambool campus. Students must have also studied Mathematics in Year 12 and received a score of 35 in English (EAL) or 25 in other English subjects.

A Bachelor of Early Childhood Education requires an ATAR of 60.55 and is only available at the Burwood campus. Students must have completed the same subjects as listed above.

#3. University of Queensland 

UQ - Bachelor of Education

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The University of Queensland is ranked third for a Bachelor of Education in Australia. It is also the 2nd best Australian university according to QS Top Universities 2022.

It is also 25th in the world for Education and Training, as ranked by QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022.

Want some personal insight from a Primary Education student at UQ? Read Georgia’s story here!  


The University of Queensland has three main campuses, the largest of which is located just seven minutes from Brisbane’s CBD and sits along a river. 

Students can study a bachelor in either primary or secondary education, which are both four years long. 

A Bachelor of Education (Primary) unusually offers 10 days in a classroom to First Year students. Students also complete 80 days minimum of placements. 

A Bachelor of Education (Secondary) offers over 30 majors, however, this degree can only be studied as a double degree. Students can choose from five combined options, including a Bachelor of Music (Honours) and Education (Secondary) or a Bachelor of Business Management and Education (Secondary). 

Want to know what it’s like studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education at UQ? Read Alexandra’s story here!

The university also encourages students to think laterally about the careers they could go into, including tutoring or working for government agencies. 

Scholarships for this university can be found here!

Entry Requirements

At the University of Queensland, all Education students are required to have completed Year 12 General English, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods of Specialist Mathematics, or the equivalent subjects. 

The Bachelor of Education also requires a rank, or ATAR, of 77. 

#2. University of Sydney

USYD - Bachelor of Education

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The University of Sydney comes in as the second best place to study education in Australia. 

Globally, this university is ranked 38th for Education and Training by QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022.

Overall, this is the third best university in Australia according to QS Top Universities 2022. 


Located just outside of the CBD, the University of Sydney offers Bachelor’s degrees in early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education. 

These degrees run over four years, with a mandatory practical component of 560 hours. 

Students who enrol into a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) can choose from four teaching degrees, with majors in Humanities and Social Science, Science, Mathematics and Health and Physical Education. 

University of Sydney is the oldest in Australia and boasts many beautiful sandstone buildings and greens. It is also a short walk from local stations!

There are some scholarships available at this university. Check them out here!

Got your heart set on studying at USYD? Read Erica’s take on studying a Bachelor of Education at USYD here!

Entry Requirements

The ATAR for guaranteed entry to a Bachelor of Education (Primary) is currently 85. 

The ATAR for guaranteed entry to Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in any of the four majors is 80

All entrants must have also achieved a minimum of three Band 5s in the HSC, one of which must be for English. 

#1. Monash University

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Monash University is ranked first in Australia for Education and Training and the sixth best Australian university overall. 

It is also the 12th best university globally for a Bachelor of Education, according to QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022. 

Wondering a day is like studying a Bachelor of Education at Monash? Tune into Ella’s story here!  


Monash Uni can be found across four campuses near Melbourne. A Bachelor of Education would take you to the biggest of the four, Clayton Campus, or to the beachside suburb of Frankston!

A Bachelor of Education (Honours) is designed for school leavers or anyone who doesn’t yet have an undergraduate degree. Both primary and secondary degrees are four years in length.

The university offers specialisations in both primary and secondary education, with a particular emphasis on Secondary Health and Physical Education. Primary Education can also be paired with Early Childhood. 

Each of these degrees give you roughly 80 days of professional experience during your study. 

Monash also offers double degrees that run for the same amount of time as a single Bachelor of Education, allowing you to deepen your knowledge in a chosen area!

Monash scholarships can be found here!

Tossing up between two unis for studying Education? Read about the pros and cons of studying Education at Monash here!

Entry Requirements

All entrants into a Bachelor of Education (Honours) at any Australian university must complete a 90-minute, computer based test called CASPer. This is designed to find how willing you are to teach, if you have good resilience and how open you are to continued learning. 

Currently, a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary Teaching at Monash requires an ATAR of 70. above. Last year’s lowest ATAR to which an offer was made was 66.55

A Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Health and Physical Education also requires an ATAR of 70. 

Lucinda Garbutt-Young hopes to one day be writing for a big-shot newspaper… or maybe just for a friendly magazine in the arts sector. Right now, she is enjoying studying a Bachelor of Public Communication (Public Relations and Journalism) at UTS while she writes on the side. She also loves making coffees for people in her job as a barista, and loves nothing more than a sun shower.

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