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How to Write Effective HSC Economics Study Notes

Have no idea where to start when it comes to writing HSC Economics study notes?

Sometimes you can spend hours on your study notes but still feel like they’re not helping you actually study.

So, it’s time you learn to work smarter, not harder!

In this article I’m going to show you how to write some truly incredible HSC Economics study notes, so let’s get started! 

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What are Study Notes?
Tip #1: Try using our HSC Economics study notes template
Tip #2: Refine your HSC Economics study notes into exam notes
Tip #3: Write your HSC Economics study notes in your own words

What are Study Notes?

Your study notes for HSC Economics should be comprehensive and cover the entire syllabus.

However, at the same time as being thorough, they should also be concise.

A note is a brief record of points or ideas written down as an aid to memory. 

Please note the word brief — we’re not trying to rewrite the entire textbook. What we’re trying to do is pull out all of the key points and summarise them neatly to aid our memories.

Your study notes should be from the HSC Economics Syllabus. This allows you to make sure you have covered everything you need to know. At the same time it provides you with a clear and concise structure for your notes.

Make sure you’ve grabbed a copy of the HSC Economics Syllabus Here (if you haven’t already).

Tip #1: Try using our HSC Economics study notes template

Below, you’ll be able to download a Study Note Template that we have created for you to help you write your HSC Economics study notes.

We’ve broken down the syllabus into sections. The key headings are highlighted and then each subtopic is found underneath. I prefer to highlight the syllabus points to make sure my notes are easily organised and make sense.

You should ideally aim to write roughly 5 dot-points for each heading.

Unlock the template below and I’ve filled out the first one for you. Remember you’re allowed to slightly change the format or colour scheme to suit your desires.

Want to use Notion instead? Check out our HSC Smart Notion Template for study notes, which includes HSC Economics syllabus dot points to follow, past papers, a habit tracker, Pomodoro timer, and more!

Tip #2: Refine your HSC Economics study notes into exam notes

When creating/writing your study notes you want to be thorough. This means including statistics and key points from many sources including your textbook, teacher and other articles.

However, when it comes to exams, you want a shorter set of notes that you can quickly run your eyes over the night before or maybe on the morning of your exam.

Exam notes are far more concise than your study notes. They are designed to help you remember the key points.

Here are some of my exam notes. Note here that I’ve condensed what would be 35 dot-points into less than a single page.


Your HSC Economics study notes should be comprehensive and cover the entire syllabus, whereas your exam notes should be specific and to the point.

Always find yourself catching up on study notes? Here’s what you should be doing before, during, and after class to stay ahead and organised!

Tip #3: Write your HSC Economics study notes in your own words

Your HSC Economics study notes will work best when they are written in an organised manner in your own words!

You have tonnes and tonnes of information to take in during the lead up to exams, so the act of writing your notes will help with memory retention.

It doesn’t really matter whether you decide to use full sentences or dot points for the key points but you do need to make sure that they are all written in your own words.

Writing down information consolidates it in your memory far more effectively than simply reading the material.

Simply copying slabs of text from a book will not achieve very much. You need to write everything in your own words and be able to verbalise everything clearly!

That wraps up our top 3 tips for writing killer notes for HSC Economics — good luck!

Looking for videos to help you understand the HSC Economics syllabus dot points further? Check out HSC Together here!

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Thomas Woolley loves Economics and Business Studies. He completed his HSC in 2013 and has been working at Art of Smart since 2014. He enjoys helping out his students whilst studying B Commerce / B Education at UNSW to become an actual economics/business studies teacher in 2018. Since high school Thomas has also learned to scuba dive, salsa dance, and he can fly a quadcopter like a pro. However, he still cannot skateboard.

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