Got your HSC Exam Timetable and realised that you have a double exam day? 

Uh oh.

I had this exact problem when I did my HSC. I had 3U English and Economics on the same day and when I found this out, I kinda freaked out.

But once I got over the shock of it, I realised something. I wasn’t alone. There were lots of other students in the exact same position with the same challenge: 2 exams, 1 day.

I then realised that this situation sucked, but I could either complain and whinge about it, but it’s not going to change anything.

It’s all about changing your mindset and figuring out how you can use this situation to your advantage.

If I can nail two exams on a single day, it means I’m actually ahead of the students that also have two exams on a single day, but were having a whinge about it.

In this video and article we’re going to share with you exactly what to do if you have two exams on one day!

Here’s Our 2-Step Guide Preparing for a Double Exam Day!

The most critical thing you need to do to survive a double exam day is to plan, plan, plan. 

Step 1: Plan the 7 Days Before Your Double Exam Day

Firstly, grab a calendar and start mapping out the next 7 days before the exam. 

And what you’re going to do is plan and map out exactly what you need to do for each subject in the next 7 days to become completely prepared for the exam when it arrives.

This means you’re not getting to a couple of days before the day and think “Oh s*%t how am I going to get everything done in the next couple of days for TWO exams?!”. 

It’s going to be all mapped out for you and all you need to do is just knuckle down and do it!

Step 2: Plan What You’re Going to Do On The Day

Next you need to plan out how you’re going to use your time on the day of the double exams. 

Here’s the important thing: try to resist to urge to look at your notes before each exam. 

The problem is that looking at your notes immediately before an exam tends to highlight all the stuff you don’t know, rather than what you do know.

This can put you into a totally negative mindset and give you less confidence.

Plus, if you’ve just done a 2 or 3 hour exam, you’re going to be pretty wiped and you need to use the time between exams to re-energise.

What I used to do was play soccer. I love soccer and it was something I could do where the whole world faded away and I was just focusing on what I loved to do.

It also meant I was re-energised and focused when I went into my next exam.

So you should figure out what you love to do, and what’s something you can do between your exams that will help you re-energise and get ready to tackle exam number 2! 

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