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What It’s Like Studying a Bachelor of Architectural Design at Monash University

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Are you considering studying Architecture at Monash Uni but don’t know where to start? 

We can help! We’ve compiled all you need to know in regards to this degree — from classes to cohort, we have you covered.

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What is a Bachelor of Architectural Design at Monash University?
Core Units for this Degree
How to Get into Architecture at Monash
What’s the Teaching Format?
What’s the Faculty and Culture Like?

What is a Bachelor of Architectural Design at Monash University?

If you’re someone who’s fascinated by buildings, a Bachelor of Architectural Design at Monash will give you the chance to look at them in the context of our ever-changing world. It’s all about forward thinking!

Monash Architecture - Quote

Monash Architecture will have students thinking creatively, analytically and also in a business sense. Don’t think that this degree is all just theory — you’ll have the chance to experiment with different design processes, all the while being taught by academics and experienced architects globally.

Can this degree be studied with another? 

Looking to expand your skillset? Then pair the Bachelor of Architectural Design with a Bachelor of Engineering.

It’ll obviously take longer to complete — 5 years — but once you graduate, you’ll emerge with two qualifications and have that competitive edge when it’s time to start looking for work.


To become a registered architect, students will need to complete the Masters of Architecture. Students will be able to complete this degree within two to three years, following the Bachelor of Architectural Design.  

Career Paths

Once students have completed their Architectural Design studies at Monash Uni, there are  numerous fields they can share their expertise in! Areas graduates may work in include: 

    • Architectural Design 
    • Business
    • Construction
    • Interior Architecture 
    • Industrial Design 

With the completion of a Masters, students may also become practicing Architects!

Core Units for this Degree

Monash Architecture is a little different to your typical uni degree — you don’t have majors and you really only have two elective spaces to explore other subjects in your final year of undergrad study. Basically, all Architecture students will have identical programs — aside from the electives chosen in third year.

This isn’t a bad thing though! You’ll be well acquainted with other students in your cohort because of how structured the degree is.

Now, in terms of the core units you have to study, there are a whole bunch that you need to complete. Here are some of them:

Core UnitsDescription
Foundation Studio 1Within this unit, students will be introduced to architectural design as a concept. Students will be able to identify key aspects of a design brief and respond to it. Students will also learn how to present and pitch their ideas. 
Introduction to the History and Theory of Art, Design and ArchitectureThis unit has a strong focus on the history of art and design and its influence on architecture. It hones into the most recent developments within the art and architecture world. Students will learn how to understand and develop their own points of view regarding artistic architecture. 
Architecture Communications 1This unit has a focus on the communication aspects of architecture! The architectural realm is extremely social! It is imperative you are able to connect, liaise and impress your clients.

Other units you will study are:

Are there built in placements?

There are no placements within this degree structure. Students are encouraged to find their own placements outside of university from their second year and beyond!


How to Get into Architecture at Monash

The ATAR cut off to gain admission into this degree is 80, however, if you did not get this ATAR, do not worry! There are other ways into this degree. 

Alternate Pathways

The Monash Guarantee: If prospective students meet the eligibility criteria for the Monash Guarantee and study the prerequisite subjects relevant to the course, they may be able to gain entry with a lower ATAR than 80. For the Bachelor of Architectural Design, students will need to have a raw ATAR of 75. 

The Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS): This scheme acknowledges that some students have had disadvantages during their HSC learning experience, each individual case is considered, and if accepted, students will receive bonus points towards their desired degree. 

Are there any prerequisite subjects?

The only prerequisite subject required to be studied within your senior years prior to admission into this degree is any level of English.


Monash University hosts a huge range of scholarships. To see if you are eligible for any of them, check out their site here. 

Discover if Monash University made the Top Art and Design Schools in Australia list here.

What’s the Teaching Format?

Monash Uni’s academic year is divided up into semesters. This means that each year, there are two main teaching periods with breaks in between.

Content for Monash Architecture is delivered through lectures, tutorials and workshops.

Class Structure

Monash Architecture - Class Structure


Within a lecture, there can be up to 200 students in attendance and they can run from 1-3 hours. Depending on the subject, some lectures may be more interactive than others, so class participation is encouraged.

Lectures may be delivered by industry professionals coming in to talk about their specific craft and discipline within the architectural design world.

Some areas you’ll cover in Monash Architecture include the visual and structural analysis of historical case studies of architecture, as well as today’s architecture and beyond. Discussions can revolve around a question such as, “How can we create an environmentally friendly and sustainable structure?”


The tutorial format condenses the topics discussed within the lecture. Tutorials are much smaller with around 30 students attending.

Within tutorials students will cover things in more depth with their tutor, do class activities and even receive feedback from their assessments or group work! They typically go from 1-2 hours. 


A workshop is a hands on class of about 30 people max! Lasting 1-3 hours, the workshop will allow students to play with new programs and designing softwares, as well as work together with their groups on group projects! 

How much time do you spend on campus?

This degree is quite demanding! Students can see themselves on campus for usually at least 20 hours a week completing group work or studying.

What are the assessments like?

The Bachelor of Architectural Design is very broad in the way that students are assessed. Students may be assessed with a mid or end of semester exam, a report or a group task!

Group tasks are extremely common within this degree as it is important within the industry to be able to work and grow with a multitude of different people — Monash recognises that.

Students may be asked to work on a design brief as a group, curate designs based off of dimensions and spaces, and finally, pitch and present their creations to the class! 

Skills That You Refine and Learn

Monash Architecture - Skills

Monash Architecture helps students to be able to broaden their minds. Students will be tested by working with others — it is important to be able to think collaboratively and fairly as an architectural designer in a team.

As an Architectural Design student, you will receive feedback from your tutors and lecturers on projects during or after — they will give you constructive criticism to help you grow. It is important not to take these constructive suggestions as a bad thing, rather, a helpful pointer!

Students will also be allowed to let both their creative and analytical sides flourish.

What’s the Faculty and Culture Like?

The Bachelor of Architectural Design at Monash Uni is a degree that has a small cohort of around 200 people in each year group! This exclusive degree is full of character and interesting people.

The tutors and lecturers within the architectural disciple are industry professionals with extensive training and connections! They are passionate about making a mark and standing out and they encourage the Architectural Design cohort to do the same.

The university prides itself on helping to create forward thinkers who are able to think differently to the rest. The Monash Architecture cohort reflects this notion greatly! 

As the degree is extremely collaborative in nature, most of the students who study this degree are extremely friendly and willing to make connections. 


Monash Art Design and Architecture Student Society: This society takes students from Art, Design and Architectural disciplines and allows them to grow and network together! This society encourages students to think creatively and collaborate. They don’t only host networking and industry events, but they also host many social nights too! 

Art, Design and Architecture Peer Mentoring Program: This program is aimed to help students who are just starting out within their degrees to find their feet with a fellow student within their discipline further into their studies! The mentoring program helps students feel less overwhelmed as they transition into uni life. 

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