Are you a crammer or a planner?

Crammers are the sort of people who get the assessment, look at it and tell themselves…

“I’ve got plenty of time for that!”

They go home, maybe start the assessment but then get distracted and move on to something else.

Then it’s 2 days before the assessment and all of a sudden they’re freaking out, pulling an all-nighter trying to get it done, hand it in and think…

“Man… if only I had more time I would have nailed that assessment.”

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps you’re a planner!

Planners get their assessment, go home and do something really simple called chunking.

They break the task down into smaller chunks and then map it out on a timeline to make sure they get everything done by the due date.

Planners generally also plan to finish the assessment with time to spare (i.e. not finishing the night before…) which gives them time to get feedback on their work, to enhance and refine it.

This means planners have really spent a lot of time and effort on their work, they can hand it in and be proud that they nailed it!

Overall, who do you think does better? The crammers or the planners?

Obviously the planners!

Being a planner is going to help you enormously at school and particularly during Year 11 and Year 12.

So my question for you is: Are you a planner or a crammer?

And if you’re a crammer, how are you able to increase the time you spend planning to help you get the best marks possible?

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Isabella Hanley loves science. She loves science so much she’s making it her career. While completing her Bachelor of Medical Science she is also a Coach and Digital Content Manager at Art of Smart. She is super passionate about sharing her knowledge on surviving the HSC since completing the HSC herself in 2014. In her downtime she enjoys Netflix binging like a pro, singing in the shower and hanging out with her awesome rescue dog, Ruby.