How Rubab Scored a
$49.5K Co-op Scholarship

😌 University and Career Clarity

Rubab conducted research and discussed with her mentor possible university options and careers.

👔 Co-op Scholarship Recipient

Rubab workshopped an impressive application which granted her a co-op scholarship worth $49,500.

💻 Dream Course B. of Information Technology

Rubab received entry into UTS in her desired field amongst a competitive pool of applicants.

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The Challenge

During Year 12, Rubab was unsure of where she was headed — both in terms of university degree and career path. Rubab wanted to identify a pathway to increase her motivation and ensure she could take steps in the right direction. Without family who were familiar with the application process and insufficient support at school, Rubab sought help from the Pathfinder program.

A lot of teachers did the HSC in another lifetime. Mentors actually understand the landscape of university and work for students who are just graduating.

Key Problems

🙇‍♀️ Rubab was in Australia by herself and didn’t have any family who had experienced the HSC and could guide her through the process

💵 Rubab wanted to apply for university scholarships but didn’t know what they were looking for and how to structure her application

🎓 Rubab’s school didn’t have a contemporary understanding of emerging industries, careers and university options

Our Approach

Rubab was paired with mentor Eileesha Smith, who was able to be the role model she desired and answer any questions she had, informed by personal experience and research. After discussing Rubab’s aspirations, her mentor was able to recommend relevant opportunities and create an actionable plan for her HSC.

Eileesha was able to help Rubab workshop her Co-op application and help her prepare for her interview, while applying career-building skills learned from career intensives and workshops.


  • University and career clarity
  • Finding motivation
  • Competitive skill-set
  • Early entry and co-op scholarships


  • Research and discussion
  • Discovering purpose
  • Workshops and intensives
  • Application guidance

Tailored University Guidance

Application Review

Interview preparation

Career Intensives

The Result

At her mentor’s suggestion, Rubab applied for and successfully received entry into UTS’ Bachelor of IT Co-op scholarship valued at $49,500. Through conversations and direction from her mentor, Rubab was able to discover new passions such as information technology and develop her personal brand.

Through intensives and workshops, Rubab learned how to present herself professionally using career-building techniques and approach opportunities with greater confidence.


University early entry offers


Improvement in developing personal brand


Increase in professional skills


Increase in resume optimisation

With the Pathfinder program, Rubab successfully developed her personal brand.

With help from my mentor and Daniel and Rowan, I was able to write an application that got me through to the next stage of the BIT Co-op for UTS. Through advice from one of the interview workshops in the Pathfinder program, I was able to confidently pitch myself in the interview stage, for which I was also able to successfully receive a conditional offer!

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