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How Working at Art of Smart Aided Vamsi in Getting a Job at PWC

Often tutoring is seen as a casual gig you do while at university that provides little opportunity for further employment.

Oh, how wrong this assumption is!

Meet Vamsi: He’s completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Science/Computer Science at UNSW and has worked at Art of Smart for almost 5 years! He also engaged in 5 different roles while at Art of Smart, including website blogging, campus teaching and more.

The skills that Vamsi learnt at AOS were conducive to his achievement of an awesome role at multinational company PWC!

Want to find out how?

Let’s hear from Vamsi himself:  

So what do you do at PWC?

Right now I work as a consultant in a financial advisory. Predominantly I focus on process improvement and automation.

It’s a great job because there’s a lot of problem-solving involved. This means I get to use the skills I learnt in my degree and at Art of Smart!

PWC helps businesses and NGO’s assess their processes and improve their performance. 

I actually started the job while I was still at Art of Smart. The fact that you’re able to organise your lessons with students around your timetable made this super easy and practical.

What roles did you work at Art of Smart exactly?

For Vamsi, his time at Art of Smart went through five stages of employment.

I worked a lot of roles, but it’s not that hard to get involved.

All I had to do was go to coach training sessions and conferences, talk to the team about what the company needs and go from there.

How did AOS contribute to you getting your job at PWC?

The main benefit was the skills I learnt over time.

In particular, working at Art of Smart developed and strengthened my management and leadership skills.

This is because many of my roles, such as my time as a campus teacher and senior leader, required me to coordinate with large groups of people.

At Art of Smart, you’re always learning from others and it’s a very safe and friendly space compared to many other workplaces. 

This means you have the opportunity to feel comfortable trying new things and testing out new jobs. You can get involved in higher positions within the company despite it being your first gig!

A combination of these factors was the perfect storm for an environment conducive to developing the skills I required for my own career.

What’s your favourite thing about working for AOS?

It has to be the workplace culture.

Whatever your job may be, it’s the people around you that make it. Art of Smart has a friendly start-up culture and I really enjoyed the social experience and meeting people from various backgrounds.

How can other coaches make the best use of their time with AOS to develop their skills?

Go to conferences! Even if you’re an introvert it’s still easy to get involved.

The conferences and workshops are a safe space to meet new people and network! So many opportunities can arise just from branching out.

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