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How Art of Smart Helped Niamh Get a Job as a University Tutor!

Often tutoring is seen as a casual gig you do while at university that provides little opportunity for further employment.

Oh, how wrong this assumption is!

Meet Niamh: She’s recently finished a Bachelor of Psychology Honours at the University of Wollongong and is now starting her PhD. Niamh loved working with students and watching them grow and was a tutor with Art of Smart for 3 years in total!

Through interacting with the Art of Smart community and embracing her role as a mentor, Niamh was able to develop the skills required to further her career.

Want to know what led to her nailing an awesome new job as a University tutor?

Let’s hear from Niamh herself:  

So what exactly will you be doing in your new role?

I’ll be teaching psychology as a University tutor. I just finished my Bachelor of Psychology Honours and really enjoyed it. I’m doing my PhD now so it’s really the perfect job!

Obviously, working at Art of Smart has been super conducive to me getting this kind of work, and the skills I’ve developed along the way have been directly transferrable. 

What prompted you initially to apply to join the AOS team?

It worked REALLY well with my Uni schedule.

The awesome thing about tutoring at Art of Smart is it’s super flexible. YOU decide how many hours you work and this suited my lifestyle.

How has Art of Smart improved your employability?

One thing that is understated is how much Art of Smart contributes to your resume!

It’s a credible and reputable tutoring business and has a very strong social media presence. Art of Smart also lets people know about the professional development they provide to tutors which is awesome.

As well as this, there’s a lot of opportunities for awards and job recognitions. For example, I won Coach of the Month and this helps me stand out to employers.

Check out Niamh’s Coach of the Month Article here! 

All in all, Art of Smart is a major part of my current resume and this has done wonders for my employability!

What sort of skills did you learn at Art of Smart that help with your role as a University tutor?

An important part of working with Art of Smart is interacting with different kinds of people.

  1. Art of Smart has given me the underlying social and communicative skills that are extremely valuable in everyday life and work, particularly in regards to tutoring. I now know how to break down content effectively for students!
  2. I’m able to further connect with people and understand that everyone works differently. One approach doesn’t work for everyone, and learning this has helped me effectively teach content to people with different learning styles.

How exactly has Art of Smart helped you develop skills relevant to your career?

It’s super easy to develop skills at AOS because of how easy it is to communicate and share with others.

I could always speak with the CEO of Art of Smart Rowan or someone from the team if I was struggling and there are HEAPS of resources available online.

I didn’t necessarily see my colleagues a lot because I live really far away from the Hornsby Campus, however, the online community and Facebook groups made up for this.

I absolutely recommend working for AOS. It’s a great experience and fits well with a University student’s lifestyle. It’s also one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had!

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