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Why I love working as an Art of Smart Coach

Art of Smart exists to help students achieve their goals at school through providing syllabus driven tuition combined with mentoring.

At the very core of our organisation are our coaches who work passionately to help their students reach their potential!

In this post we share some experiences from our coaches and what makes them love to work as an Art of Smart Coach.

Time to hear from our Coaches…


joel L

Art of Smart is a unique company.
They  provide the perfect mix of support and freedom to help you achieve your goals.

Currently I’m studying Dentistry and I have a highly variable rotating clinic roster. Over the past three years the team at Art of Smart has been highly supportive of my time restrictions and have always helped me to arrange my students.

The team at Art of Smart finds the very best tutors and the supportive, but not overbearing, atmosphere allows these tutors the freedom to solve the problems that may arise in new and unique ways. The opportunity art of smart gives you to follow your own goals whilst helping students to achieve theirs is unrivalled.

Thanks to the team for all their hard work.


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.53.51 pm

I had such fantastic teachers and mentors when I was a student that were a great help to me and that inspired me to do my bit and help others.

It’s wonderful to watch a student grow in their understanding of a subject as we work together but more importantly to see them flourish into life-long learners.


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.58.38 pm

I love working for Art of Smart because it’s the perfect balance of independence of support.

AoS has also connected me with a wide range of students with different needs and strengths, and this has helped me learn how to tailor my lessons for individuals – in short, to be a better tutor.



The main thing I love about working at AOS is definitely the students. Getting to know them and seeing them improve over the course of the school year is immensely satisfying!

It’s always fantastic when a student really takes on board the advice you give and seeing their work develop week-by-week is amazing. It sometimes takes me by surprise how much a different way of looking at things, or a better grasp on what a question is actually asking can improve the students’ work!

I feel really privileged to work with the students I do and to help them navigate the HSC, give them ‘insider’ tips and tricks and hopefully clarify some of the, terrifying at first, HSC questions and content.

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