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Pros and Cons of a Bachelor of Business at UTS

So, you pretty much know all the details and info on studying UTS Business — take a quick look here if you don’t! 

But you want to know how people really feel about this degree? 

Well, we’ve got you covered! Meet Rebecca, a graduate of UTS Business- we ask her all those questions you really want to know the answers to! 

Let’s dive on in! 

Why should you study a Business degree at UTS?
Top 3 Pros of a Business Degree
Top 3 Cons of a Business Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting UTS Business
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying UTS Business
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Business degree at UTS?

UTS Business really sets you up for the business world, has a great faculty culture and exclusive internship offers! 

“Someone should study a Bachelor of Business at UTS because it’s a really fun and inclusive environment and they’re very modern with their business degrees,” Rebecca said.  

“They’ve got a really good Faculty of Business and that includes the new Business building and all the state of the art facilities,” she added. 

The UTS Business degree really sets you up for the business world with exclusive internship offers, as you cover the major areas of business in the first year which provide you with foundations! Then it’s your choice to decide what you specialise in for the next two years. 

Top 3 Pros of a Business degree 

#1: First year foundations in the main areas of business 

During the first year, you get a taste for the different areas of Business — accounting, marketing, economics and finance. This not only gives you the basic skills in each area but helps you decide what you want to specialise in for the next two years. 

At the start of her Business degree, Rebecca thought she would major in Marketing. However, after the first year, she realised she had strengths in other areas of Business that she’d never realised. 

“It really opens your eyes to different things you wouldn’t have thought of,” she said. 

#2: Variety of subjects and degree flexibility 

UTS Business offers a lot of different subjects and it’s also pretty flexible when it comes to the structure of the degree! It really is your degree and you can tailor it to what you’re most interested in. There’s heaps of options with majors, second majors, sub-majors and electives! 

Rebecca chose Advertising and Marketing Communications as her major, sub-majored in Sports Management and took four electives relating to those subjects. So you can really mix and match your subjects!  

Rebecca said that her favourite part about the degree was “the variety of subjects you’re able to do and how interesting a lot of them are”. 

She added, “The way they structure the actual classes is really cool — so if you don’t make it in for a lecture, you can usually see it online.”

It’s very flexible for people who are working or want to do internships,” she said. 

#3: Awesome uni culture 

We’re not going to lie, we kind of want to do a UTS Business degree just because the faculty culture sounds so awesome! From social events, industry panel events to of course, the annual UTS Business ball, The UTS Business Society (BSoc) runs so many different events throughout the year, so there’s always something to do! 

Rebecca met all her friends at the First Year’s Business Camp: “From that I met so many people and definitely the friends that I hung out with for the next three years.”

Everyone does different majors so when you meet people on these camps, you have friends in almost every class,” she expressed. 

She added, “I found that culture of meeting people quite easy — it’s a friendly culture and because there is a lot of group work involved, you do get more comfortable meeting people.” 


Top 3 Cons of a Business degree

#1: Tight schedule 

You’ll want to be the first in line when it comes to scheduling your timetable! Everyone wants to fit their classes into two or three days, so the best class times go quickly. 

That was Rebecca’s least favourite part: “Sometimes having to run around for classes when the schedule you make is all close together and tight.” 

#2: Internships aren’t mandatory 

You don’t have to do an internship for your UTS Business degree but you definitely should — Rebecca wishes that she had done! Internships give you insights into the work environment and they not only look great on your resume but help you learn by doing.

#3: Not everyone pulls their weight      

And this can be quite challenging when it comes to group assignments! You’ll have to work with people you might not have even met before — they might not turn up to class or don’t contribute anything, or maybe they’re really hard workers if you’re lucky.

Rebecca’s advice was that, “It’s important to put in the work because often you do have differences in ability or in the effort you’re willing to put in.”

Any regrets? 

“No regrets come to mind but having taken the initiative to do some internships for experience (paid or unpaid) in the early stages would’ve been great,” said Rebecca.   

So, make sure you’re proactive and get onto those internships!

What do you wish you had known before starting UTS Business? 

#1: A pass is fine!

Don’t stress if you get a few passes along the way — you’ve got this!

“It’s okay to get a pass in harder subjects — it’s great to strive for high marks but don’t be defeated by a pass in say a first year subject as you haven’t specialised yet,” Rebecca said. 

#2: UPASS is helpful!

If you’re struggling with a subject, you can sign up for UPASS class! Past students who have also completed the same subjects will take you through everything you need to know. Rebecca signed up for UPASS for some of those more difficult mathematical based subjects in the first year. 

I found those amazing and they definitely helped in me understanding them and developing my skills,” Rebecca said. 

She added, “UPASS was probably more helpful than the tutorials when it came to finance, economics and accounting because it was a smaller class and more one on one tailored.” 

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities? 

#1: Very modern

You just have to take a look at the awesome Business building to know what we’re talking about — there’s collaboration spaces, smart whiteboards, huge display screens, student lounges and so on! 

Bachelor of Business UTS - Student Quote

#2: You’re in the heart of the city 

UTS is pretty much directly in the heart of the CBD! That means you’re surrounded by big companies, cute cafes and awesome spaces to relax. As the UTS campus is scattered around the city, you move between buildings a fair bit. 

“It can be really fun because you feel like you’re sort of working in the city and you get to walk around and see the hustle and bustle of the CBD,” Rebecca expressed. 

#3: Exclusive internship offers 

Although internships aren’t compulsory for UTS Business students, you are still presented with quite a few opportunities to do them! 

“It’s a good foot in the door being a UTS Business student because a lot of the internships are exclusive to UTS students,” said Rebecca. 

Now, that’s what we’re talking about — so make sure you do some! 

What inspired you to choose UTS Business?

There were a couple of things that inspired Rebecca to choose this degree! First of all, she really wanted to travel somewhere for university so she would get involved and spend the whole day there instead of just going home after class. 

I think what inspired me was going somewhere that wasn’t super close to home but also easy to get to, so being in this part of the city, it’s really easy with transport,” she said. 

Rebecca also heard a lot of good things about UTS from her older brother who did Business and Engineering there. 

“He had friends who had done a Bachelor of Business at other universities and they found some of the facilities were a bit outdated and the lecturers were a bit stuck in their ways — whereas my brother found UTS very exciting and fresh and I thought it sounded really cool,” Rebecca commented. 

What are the possible career paths?

UTS Business - Careers

A Bachelor of Business is such a versatile degree which opens up so many doors for you! Perhaps you have a great idea for a start-up? Well, you have the skills and knowledge to do that.

Maybe you want to work in an accounting firm or perhaps you want to be a financial analyst, business reporter, publicist, marketing consultant or human resources manager — there are so many options! 

Tanna Nankivell is a Content Writer at Art of Smart Education and is currently in Germany completing a year of study for her double degree in Communications (Journalism) and Bachelor of Arts (International Studies). She has had articles published on Central News – the UTS Journalism Lab and wrote a feature piece for Time Out Sydney during her internship. Tanna has a love for travel and the great outdoors, you’ll either find her on the snowfields or in the ocean, teaching aqua aerobics or creating short films.


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