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Top 5 Schools of Accounting and Finance in Australia for 2022 Revealed

Ready to take the next step in the accounting and finance world? Want to hit the university scene but not sure where to start or even where to look?! We thought so. 

It’s a confusing world out there! 

Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of the top five Accounting and Finance universities so you can compare, contrast and find the perfect fit for you! 

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#5. The Australian National University (ANU)

ANU School of Economics

Image sourced from Comprehensive Education Overseas Study Solution Co., Ltd.


ANU came in at number 5 on the Accounting and Finance QS Top Universities Rankings of 2022 and ranked 41st in the world! Top 50! That’s pretty good. 

Impressively, QS Top Universities Rankings has ranked ANU as the number 1 uni in the whole of Australia. So, even if you don’t go down the Accounting and Finance route at ANU, you can still be confident that you’ll receive one of the best educations in Australia! 


Founded in 1946, ANU is the only university to ever be established by the Federal Parliament. 

It’s a prestigious uni that saw the combination of Canberra University College (est. 1929) with the Australian National University into a single institution back in 1960.

ANU has been using their four major research schools since then too. These include the Research School of Physical Science, the John Curtin School of Medical Research, the Research School of Social Sciences and the Research School of Pacific Studies. 

The foundations of the uni actually began back in 1905 when Walter Geoffrey Duffield started to plan construction for the first solar observatory in Australia. So, if history’s your thing, ANU’s roots go back over a hundred years!  

There are currently 18,394 students enrolled at ANU with 1,795 faculty staff. 

If you’re someone who wants to study at ANU, there’s always a way. Some of the scholarships that ANU has on offer include:

You could also check out the scholarships that might suit you here! 

For the aspiring accounting and finance students, ANU has quite a few degrees on offer. These include:

Entry Requirements 

Both the Bachelor of Accounting and the Bachelor of Finance at ANU have pretty similar entry requirements. To be eligible to apply to either of the 3-year and 144 credit point degrees, you’ll need a minimum ATAR of 80. 

If you haven’t quite gotten the ATAR, don’t worry! ANU has a great alternative pathway program for students keen on applying who’ve just missed out on the mark. 

ANU College is ANU’s main pathway provider and is designed to deliver a multitude of different avenues into ANU on account of a variety of different circumstances. Once you score yourself a place in the college, you’ll be well on your way to graduate with an accounting or finance degree from ANU. 

You can take a look at ANU College right here! 

#4. Monash University 

Monash Business School

Image sourced from Monash University


According to QS Top Universities Rankings for 2022, Monash Uni ranked at number 4 for its Accounting and Finance courses. 

Globally, Monash Uni came in at number 34 for Accounting and Finance! So, you’re in some pretty accomplished hands. 


Monash Uni is located in Melbourne and was founded in 1958. The institution gets its name from the renowned WWI general, engineer and public administrator, Sir John Monash.

The university was originally founded with a focus on science and technology-based disciplines. In its first few years, Monash added to its subject catalogue by offering courses in economics, education, engineering, law, medicine and politics. 

Monash is a large institute, serving almost 59,000 students with 3,855 staff — making it the largest student population in Australia! The uni is spread across 4 Australian campuses with another located in Malaysia.

Monash is known for its various international connections so if a uni with lots of exchange opportunities is something you value, Monash might be the one! 

Your best bet for studying account and finance at Monash would be the Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting and Finance. So, your finance and accounting-related options would include:

Each degree is 3 years long and consists of 144 credit points. Also, if you need, Monash has plenty of scholarships on offer on account of financial hardship, academic achievement and community engagement.

You can take a look at them for yourself here! 

Entry Requirements 

To get into the three-year Bachelor of Accounting or Bachelor of Banking and Finance courses at Monash, you’ll need a minimum ATAR of 75. For the Bachelor of Commerce, competition is a little higher and you’ll need an ATAR of at least 86. 

Without a high enough ATAR, there are still plenty of ways into the course! You could look at taking single unit courses or one of the diplomas that Monash has on offer. 

If you’re wanting to study Accounting and Finance at Monash and you didn’t quite get the ATAR, you should take a look at doing a Diploma of Business as an alternative avenue. 

Take a look at the other pathways for Monash here! 

#3. The University of Sydney (USYD)

USYD Business School

Image sourced from McGregor Coxall


The University of Sydney has been ranked at an impressive third for Accounting and Finance subjects in Australia according to QS Top Universities Rankings. 

Did you know that becoming a Financial Investor Advisor/Manager is one of the highest paying jobs in Australia? Check out the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2022 here! 

Again, according to QS Top Universities Rankings, USYD provides the 24th best Accounting and Finance courses in the world! 


Founded in 1850, USYD is Australia’s oldest university! That’s over 170 years of educating! The historic buildings and impressive architecture makes the campus feel like Hogwarts. So, if cool campuses are your thing, perhaps you should look into studying at USYD. 

With over 47,000 students and 3,648 staff, it’s safe to say that you’ll feel constantly connected and supported by your faculty and peers. 

The main USYD Accounting and Finance-related degrees that may pique your interest include:

Both Commerce and Economics at USYD are three-year degrees and comprise 144 credit points each. So, while the subjects will be a tad different, the structure is very similar. 

If you’re looking for a little more info on the degree, you can get an idea of what it’s like studying a Bachelor of Commerce at USYD right here as well as the Bachelor of Economics here! 

You can also take a look at the scholarships that USYD has on offer here!

Entry Requirements 

The Bachelor of Commerce requires an ATAR of 96. So, it’s a competitive degree but one that comes with a lot of acclaimed perks. This degree would be great for those disposed to accounting and finance because you can major in one or both of those areas! 

The Bachelor of Economics offered at USYD is another great option with a slightly lower ATAR of 91. So, you’ve got a couple options. 

At USYD, there are 6 main entry schemes on offer for those who don’t quite get the recommended ATAR. These pathways include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program 
  • Academic and school leadership 
  • Educational disadvantage 
  • Elite athletes and performers 
  • Financial hardship and regional students 
  • Portfolio and audition pathways 

If any of these apply to you, definitely check them out here! 

#2. The University of Melbourne 

Melbourne Business School - Accounting and Finanace

Image sourced from The Fifth Estate


Coming in at second place, according to QS Top Universities Rankings, for Accounting and Finance is none other than the University of Melbourne! 

The University of Melbourne has also secured 21st place in the world for Accounting and Finance subjects! 


The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853, making it Australia’s second oldest university and the oldest university in Victoria.

Impressively, Melbourne uni has been offering Economics courses since 1855! That’s a good few years experience in teaching economics. In 1924, the Faculty of Business and Economics was established and the year after Melbourne began teaching the Bachelor of Commerce. 

There are over 48,000 students enrolled in the uni with 3,506 staff to guide, advise and support you! 

The Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne is pretty much the main Accounting and Finance-related degree that encompasses business, economics, finance and accounting. 

The Bachelor of Commerce is a three-year full time degree, with an optional Honours path, that comprises 300 credit points. 

It’s a great Accounting and Finance degree because you have the opportunity to major in a range of specialisations. These include:

  • Accounting 
  • Actuarial Studies 
  • Economics 
  • Finance 
  • Management 
  • Marketing 

So, it’s a broad Commerce degree that provides plenty of opportunities to specialise. 

You can take a deeper look at the Bachelor of Commerce program right here! 

There are also plenty of scholarships on offer if that’s something you’re interested in checking out. You can view and compare them all here!

Entry Requirements 

To be guaranteed entry into the Bachelor of Commerce at the Uni of Melbourne, you’ll need to get an ATAR of 91. Again, these Commerce courses are competitive! But there’s a way in for everyone! 

Access Melbourne is Melbourne Uni’s main alternative entry pathway designed for students who are eager to study at Melbourne but haven’t quite gotten the ATAR. You can apply to Access Melbourne for a variety of reasons whether that’s financial or emotional difficulties, medical conditions or where you live. 

#1. The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

UNSW Campus

Image sourced from UNSW Business School


The University of New South Wales is ranked as number 1 in Australia for their Accounting and Finance subjects according to QS Top Universities Rankings. 

UNSW also comes in at number 20 in the world for Accounting and Finance! Top 20! 


UNSW was founded in 1949 but its research qualities can be traced back to 1843 when it was the Sydney Mechanics Institute. Its focus on science and technology slowly transitioned to teaching a wide scope of subjects with the UNSW Faculty of Commerce being established in 1955. It has since become the Business School and comprises 42 different programs! 

In 2020, UNSW had over 45,000 students enrolled from 130 different countries! Combined with 3,156 staff, you can expect to always feel connected no matter what degree you choose. 

The main Accounting and Finance degrees that UNSW has on offer include:

If you haven’t already, it would be a great idea to find out What It’s Like Studying Commerce at UNSW and the Pros and Cons of the degree. 

You can also learn about the Bachelor of Economics here, as well as its pros and cons here!

UNSW also has plenty of scholarships on offer for potential students. So, check them out here!  

Entry Requirements 

To apply for the Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW, you’ll be needing an ATAR of 93. It’s a three-year degree with 144 credit points. So, yes, it’s quite competitive but we’ll get into the alternative pathways very soon. 

The Bachelor of Economics at UNSW requires a minimum ATAR of 91. While it’s a little less than the Commerce program, it’s still tricky! Again, Economics at UNSW is a three-year degree consisting of 144 credit points. 

If you’re looking for alternate entry pathways then you’re in luck because UNSW has plenty. Your best bet is UNSW’s main pathway program, UNSW Gateway. This is an avenue that allows potential students to select the pathway that best suits. 

You could also apply for early conditional offers if you’re excelling academically so far in Year 12. You can check these early offers out here! 

There you go! Those are the top 5 universities where you can study Accounting and Finance in Australia. Take a look for yourself and get applying! You got this.  

Gemma Billington is a Content Writer at Art of Smart and an undergraduate student at the University of Technology Sydney. While studying Journalism and Social and Political Sciences, Gemma enjoys spending her time at the gym or reading about Britain’s medieval monarchy – ideally not at the same time. She currently creates and administers social media posts for Central News and writes for the student publication, The Comma. After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to study a Masters of Medieval History and is very excited about the prospect! 

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