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Pros and Cons of a Bachelor of Business Management at UQ

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Wondering what your next step after high school will be? Have a knack for the business side of the world and are curious about a Business Management degree at UQ

You’re in luck. We’ve asked Emilie, a UQ Business Management graduate, to tell us about her study experience from her favourite moments, her regrets to her inspirations. 

Learn about what you should look forward to — as well as what to look out for — in a Bachelor of Business Management at UQ!

Why should you study a Business Management degree at UQ?
Top 3 Pros of a Business Management Degree
Top 3 Cons of a Business Management Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting UQ Business Management
Favourite and Least Favourite Thing
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying UQ Business Management
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Business Management degree at UQ?

“This degree is a great option for students who are unsure what they want to do after high school but know they want to go to university,” Emilie tells us. 

With a university degree, oftentimes, being integral to getting your door into many fields of business, Business Management at UQ allows you to explore your choices and guide you once you make a decision on your career path. This is where the 7 majors (from which you pick 2!) caters to any student’s preferences.

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Top 3 Pros of a Business Management degree

If you’re looking study Business Management at UQ, you’ve got a lot to look forward to: 

#1: Flexible Timetables 

With many university students needing to carve out time for their part-time jobs, Emilie tells us, “You can usually squeeze subjects together. So, you only have to go to uni two, three or four days a week (depending on your schedule).” 

Without compromising the quality of your classes, there’s a lot of wiggle-room to decide on what timetable works for you and what works best for learning style. 

#2: Clubs and Societies

One of the most rewarding parts of university is the social aspect. For Emilie, meeting friends throughout her university years is a major part of what made Business Management at UQ memorable.

“I was a big part of clubs and societies at university, particularly the UQ Business Society and the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Society where I met so many people!” she says. 

#3: Opportunities to Study Abroad 

On top of the friends you meet at your home university, studying abroad offers a chance to broaden your experience — perhaps even learn that you might someday want to work overseas! 

Top 3 Cons of a Business Management degree

There are three things you should look out for before deciding on studying Business Management at UQ: 

#1: Lack of practical assessment and classes 

Rather than work experience, “a lot of hypothetical scenarios had to be used in assignments,” Emilie says. 

These hypothetical scenarios may not reflect what you’d deal with in real life and in the career that you’re hoping to work in. That requires internships outside of university.

#2: Life after graduation 

Following on from the first con, it can be tough after graduation. 

“I struggled with this a lot when I graduated with a marketing major because companies want practical experience,” she adds. “Thankfully, I had time to do internships but for students living out of home and needing money to pay rent, this is not so achievable.” 

#3: Distance 

While UQ is located at the heart of Brisbane and has various campuses, it can still be difficult for some students to travel there.

Time-wise, it might be a hassle. In Emilie’s case, “I travelled an hour and a half on three different modes of transport to get to UQ,” she says. 

Any regrets? 

“Definitely get second opinions before you choose your major,” Emilie says. 

This goes in hand with seeking out internships and other ways in getting to know what you really want to pursue.

“If I had spoken to more people, I would have realised that Advertising should have been my major since I was more interested in the social media, technology side rather than data analytics/Marketing,” Emilie continues. 

What do you wish you had known before starting Business Management at UQ? 

Taking time to enjoy the social side of UQ is Emilie’s advice!

Join clubs and societies and go to as many networking events as you can! It really is about who you know, not what you know,” she tells us. 

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about studying Business Management?

Favourite thing: For Emilie, the Business Management faculty deserves a mention. 

“Even if the lectures had 200 plus people,” she says, “the lecturers took the time to stay back or meet one on one with those students who wanted to know more, had unanswered questions, or just genuinely needed more clarification.”

Least favourite thing: The lack of practical opportunities can be a downside for business students who like a hands-on approach to their degree. 

I wish there were more subjects where I had the opportunity to propose ideas to real life businesses. UQ is a very theoretical university and sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to study at a university that allowed me to work one on one with businesses to develop new and improved marketing strategies,” Emilie adds.

“Thankfully, I was given this opportunity when I went to study in the UK for six months!”

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities? 

UQ is definitely more theoretical than other universities so the resources at the library are endless,” Emilie says.

“The uni also has amazing international study opportunities which I was really interested in. Obviously, the campus is also amazing and every day there was beautiful.”

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What inspired you to choose Business Management at UQ?

Emilie, who studied a dual bachelor Degree of Business Management (Marketing)/International Hotel and Tourism Management (Tourism), chose this degree for three reasons: 

  1. Her love for business during high school
  2. She wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do after school 
  3. She was offered a spot in an introductory course in Year 11 at UQ and thoroughly enjoyed her experience there

“I chose to study at the University of Queensland because of its reputation. To be honest I had never really considered any other University,” Emilie says.

“Not only was the campus stunning, UQ is ranked 51st in the world in the Academic Ranking of World Universities.” 

What are the possible career paths?

Career Paths

Potential careers, depending on your choice of majors, after graduating from a Bachelor of Business Management at UQ include:

Curious about other careers you can pursue with a Business degree? Check out our article here!

Lynn Chen is a Content Writer at Art of Smart Education and is a Communication student at UTS with a major in Creative Writing. Lynn’s articles have been published in Vertigo, The Comma, and Shut Up and Go. In her spare time, she also writes poetry.

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