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Pros and Cons of a Bachelor of Business at Griffith University

Wondering whether a Bachelor of Business at Griffith University is the best course for you?

We’ve asked Nelleka, a third-year Business student at Griffith, to reflect over her study experience and to give some clarity for anyone on the course. 

If you want to know the pros, the cons, and the in-between of studying Business at Griffith University, keep on reading! 

Why should you study a Bachelor of Business at Griffith University?
Top 3 Pros of a Business Degree
Top 3 Cons of a Business Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting a Griffith University Bachelor of Business
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying a Griffith University Bachelor of Business
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Bachelor of Business at Griffith University?

Griffith University Bachelor of Business - Quote

A great component at Griffith is the networking scene, especially with extracurricular activities, clubs and programs such as the Griffith Business School Student Leaders program. These opportunities help Business students understand the real-world context of their degree!

“Studying a Bachelor of Business in Griffith I was able to join programs that are focused on helping students become more employable and building networks for the students in the workforce,” Nelleka says.

“[Through] participating in these different activities I have gained experience and knowledge and I believe that this has enhanced my opportunities in the workforce outside of university.”

Top 3 Pros of a Business degree

#1: Smooth transition from high school

“As a student straight out of high school joining the Business School at Griffith gave me the advantage of smooth transitioning,” Nelleka says. “University can be difficult but studying at Griffith I was able to transition into the uni life quite easily.”

The Griffith Business faculty and staff are highly supportive and though there is a level of self-autonomy as with any degree, Nelleka found that the Griffith Business School cushioned the often shocking transition to university. 

#2: Niche range of clubs 

The Business School at Griffith has clubs dedicated to each speciality [major],” Nelleka says. “Aside from our Griffith Business Students Association… [there is also] the Griffith Employment Relations and Human Resource Management Society, Griffith University Commerce Society, Griffith University Tourism and Hospitality Society and so much more.”

Since a Bachelor of Business at Griffith offers 35 majors, clubs dedicated to each major are a great way to participate in events that are relevant to the student’s career goals — all the while, the Griffith Business Students Association also offers more general events which students can attend to diversify their opportunities.

Nelleka further explains, “What I love the most about this is I have met many professionals in my field of study and other areas of study since joining clubs and also that these clubs are available to join from all Griffith Campuses.”

#3: Easy administrative processes

“The Griffith Business school provides a simple structure for you to follow when deciding on what courses to enrol in,” Nelleka tells us. 

Some course structures offered in other universities can complicate the enrolling process. Yet, despite having a wide range of majors to manage, Nelleka finds that navigating the enrolment process is simple and that the online Griffith website is very streamlined.

I have not encountered any confusing course requirement so far and it makes it much more easier for me to enrol [in my courses],” says Nelleka. 


Top 3 Cons of a Business degree

#1: Difficulty in choosing a major

It is difficult to find a con in a degree once you enjoy what you study,” Nelleka first says.

Though it is difficult for Nelleka to find a con, as she enjoys her degree, she comments that “because of all the different options [majors] you are given, it is hard to make a set choice on what you can handle and what you can not handle.”

For many university students, choosing a major is a big decision and the reality is that you won’t be entirely sure if it was the best choice until you study it.  

Nelleka further says, “This [choosing a major] is where I needed to make my very first big decision in university and so far I have not regretted it.”

#2: No integrated work placement  

At Griffith University, the Bachelor of Business program does not integrate a work placement as part of the core units. This often means that the responsibility on finding an internship and further full-time work falls solely on the student. 

As mentioned previously, being active and participating in the Business clubs is a great way to form important career connections and finding work opportunities.   

#3: Only core units in first year

A Bachelor of Business at Griffith is a three-year course and yet, the first year is dedicated to core units as well as two “foundation units” (similar to electives). 

While the units introduce students to the real-world context of working in business, this means you only get two years studying your major. It means less time and classes are focused on your specialisation; yet, you do have the year to understand which major you want to pursue.  

Any regrets? 

“It may seem impossible for others to believe but I have no regrets about this degree mainly because I enjoy what I do and because I am surrounded by an environment that suits me and what I need in order to succeed,” Nelleka says. 

What do you wish you had known before starting a Bachelor of Business at Griffith University? 

As the administrative processes and course information is all accessible online, Nelleka found that there isn’t anything she wished she’d known. 

“Since joining Griffith Business School and even before that I personally think that all the information I needed was provided for me,” Nelleka explains. “It was easy to find all the details of my degree and I was able to research all the different opportunities I was going to be given in this degree.”

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities? 

“All Universities are unique — what makes the Griffith Business School degrees different in my opinion is not the degree itself,” Nelleka says, “but it is the people involved in the degree… [and] the people involved in teaching, studying and even witnessing your studies.”

Nelleka also tells us of the effectiveness of Griffith’s Peer Assisted Study Sessions, where peer tutors dedicate their efforts in the study sessions to help the students.

What inspired you to choose a Bachelor of Business at Griffith University?

As an international student, I had a hard time deciding what school will suit me best with all the different universities,” Nelleka explains.

I wanted to be able to study as soon as possible and finish as soon as possible and Griffith had 3 trimesters so I applied… I applied to Griffith not knowing that it was going to be one of the best decisions I will ever make and so far no regrets.”

What are the possible career paths?

Griffith University Bachelor of Business - Careers

While a Bachelor of Business provides highly transferable skills, students typically look for career pathways in their chosen major(s). Particular career options include: 

    • Tax Agent
    • Financial Advisor
    • Financial Analyst
    • Global Operations Director
    • Strategic Planner

If you haven’t already read what it’s like studying a Bachelor of Business at Griffith University, check out our article here!

Lynn Chen is a Content Writer at Art of Smart Education and is a Communication student at UTS with a major in Creative Writing. Lynn’s articles have been published in Vertigo, The Comma, and Shut Up and Go. In her spare time, she also writes poetry.


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