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HSC Business Studies Data Breakdown: Drop Rates, Band 6 Distribution & more

Are you thinking about dropping Business Studies? 

Before you take that leap make sure you have ALL the right facts and stats before you drop Business!

We’ve looked at the scaling data from UAC and the NSW public school course enrolment figures from over the past few years, and we have created your ultimate fact sheet with everything you need to consider when dropping Business Studies. We will tell you what the highest ATAR you can get in Business Studies, the current drop rates, percentage of Band 6 achievers, and so much more!

Let’s check it out!

What should you consider when dropping a subject?

What are the key things you should consider before dropping Business Studies. 

  1. Will dropping Business Studies give you the study time for your other subjects?
  2. Is Business Studies a prerequisite for a university course you want to study? Or will it support you more in university?

To help you answer these questions, check our article here!

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How many students drop Business Studies?

From 2019 to 2020, 26.96% of HSC Business Studies students dropped the subject. This is exactly 3210 students or a little over one in four students!

Data from over the past 8 years shows that, on average, 27.09% of a cohort taking HSC Business Studies will eventually drop it. 

How many people drop Business Studies

Are more or less people dropping HSC Business Studies?

From 2012-2018, the number of people dropping Business Studies was slowly increasing from 26.23% in 2012 to 28.73% in 2019. However, in 2020, the number of people who dropped Business Studies decreased to 26.56%. 

In 2014-2015, the drop rate was at its lowest at 25.70%. The drop rate recently reached its highest peak in 2018-2019 at 28.73% of the Business Studies cohort dropping the subject!

Historical Drop Percentage for Business Studies from 2012 to 2020

Are more girls or boys dropping HSC Business Studies?

There is not even a 1% difference between the number of boys who drop Business Studies compared to girls! Over the past 8 years, an average of 27.27% of boys drop Business Studies, compared to 26.56% of girls. 

Drop Percentage of Business Studies in Boys and Girls

Is HSC Business Studies a popular subject to drop?

Business Studies is a very content-heavy subject that involves a lot of writing, so it is, understandably, not for everyone! Business is actually one of the MOST dropped HSC Subjects!

In fact, HSC Business Studies is the fourth most dropped subject in the entire HSC with 3,201 students, on average, dropping it each year!

Average Drop Percentage for HSC Subjects With the Highest Enrolment Figures 2012-2020

What’s the average mark for people who take HSC Business Studies?

Ahh yes! What everyone wants to know! What is the average HSC Mark Business Studies students achieve? 

After looking at the data from the past five years, we’ve found that the average mark for HSC Business Studies is 74.4, or a Band 4! Since 2016 the average mark has fluctuated between 74 and 75.

But what about the other social sciences? 

Well, looking at data from 2016, the average HSC mark for Legal Studies is slightly higher at 77, also a Band 4. But, the average mark for Economics is 79, nearly a Band 5!

Average Score for Business Studies vs Legal Studies vs Economics

How likely is it that I’ll get a Band 6 in HSC Business Studies?

So now that we know the average Business Studies Mark is a Band 4. But what are your chances of achieving that Band 6? Well, 8.6% of students who take Legal Studies achieve that Band 6! That is around 1 in 12 Business students. 

What about the other Bands?

Most HSC Business Studies students actually achieve that Band 4, as suggested by the average mark! With 28.4% of Business Students in that 70-89 Band 4 range. The next largest Band group is Band 5, with 26.6% of students getting a Band 5. 

You can view the entire Business Studies’ Band breakdown below! 

Business Studies Average Band Distribution

What’s the top ATAR I can get with HSC Business Studies?

This is actually a trick question! The highest ATAR you can get with ANY subject combination is 99.95, which is the highest ATAR you can achieve in the HSC! 

However, for Business Studies the highest average ATAR from the last five years is 99.94! So close! So why not 99.95? The highest ATAR achieved with Business Studies from 2017-2020 had been 99.95, however, in 2016 the highest ATAR with Business Studies was 99.9. 

Curious about the drop rates for other subjects?

Check out the stats and figures we’ve compiled for the following subjects:

Looking for extra help with HSC Business Studies?

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