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HSC Business Studies Practice Essay Questions

Can’t seem to find many HSC Business Studies Practice Questions?

While teachers and assessments will give students ample practice on the Business Report (Section III of the HSC), there is often insufficient attention and time dedicated to Business Studies Essay Writing.

The Section IV Section which is also known as the ‘Case Study’ essay is also unique in that students must:

  • Apply relevant case study/studies and contemporary business issues
  • Present a sustained, logical and cohesive response and communicate clearly using relevant business terminology and concepts

Before we begin, I highly recommend checking out How to Write a Band 6 Business Studies Essay for further support and tips on how to maximise your marks and the quality of your essays.

Now here are 20 HSC Business Studies Practice Questions for you to write practice essays on.

You should aim to write 800-1200 words and aim to complete this under timed conditions as you move closer to your exam. You may also find it useful to have notes and case study information available ‘open book’ at first, but gradually phase out this support.

20 Practice HSC Business Studies Practice Questions

Topic One: Operations

Question 1

Analyse the impact of globalisation on operations strategies.

Question 2

Explain how operations management can help a business sustain its competitive advantage.

Question 3

Evaluate the response of operations management to its influences.

Question 4

Analyse the role of operations strategy in achieving operational performance objectives.

Question 5

Assess the impact of operations strategies on the operations process.

Topic Two: Marketing

Question 1

Assess the importance of using a mix of promotional strategies in achieving the strategic role of marketing.

Question 2

Examine the significance of ethical behaviour and government regulation in marketing.

Question 3

Analyse how e-marketing and global marketing have affected the marketing of goods and services.

Question 4

How have the factors influencing customer choice influenced marketing strategies?

Question 5

Explain how marketing strategies can be used to influence the price and quality interaction.

Topic Three: Finance

Question 1

Explain potential conflicts between financial objectives and the strategies used to achieve them.

Question 2

Assess the effectiveness of financial reports in monitoring and controlling the financial management process.

Question 3

Analyse the role of internal and external sources of funds in achieving financial objectives.

Question 4

Evaluate the use of financial management strategies in improving business performance.

Question 5

Analyse the effect of global market influences on financial management.

Topic Four: Human Resources (HR)

Question 1

Analyse the causes of workplace disputes and the strategies used to resolve them.

Question 2

Evaluate the response of human resources management to its influences.

Question 3

Assess the effectiveness of human resource management strategies in improving human resource management indicators.

Question 4

Evaluate the response of human resource management to stakeholders and the current legal framework.

Question 5

How have the processes of human resource management responded to its influences?

Best of luck!

Make sure you include case studies for each essay using our HSC Business Studies Practice Questions.

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