Bonus 1 on 1 Tutoring Sessions with Classes – Terms and Conditions

A student who enrols into small group classes at our Hornsby or Hills Campus for the following subjects and year levels will receive the ability to book for FREE a defined number of 1 on 1 tutoring sessions for that specific subject each school term.


Subject Year Level Bonus 1 on 1 Sessions Per Term [1 Hour]
Physics Year 11 3
Chemistry Year 11 3
Biology Year 11 3
Standard Maths Year 11 2
Advanced Maths Year 11 3
Extension 1 Maths Year 11 3
Physics Year 12 4
Chemistry Year 12 4
Biology Year 12 4
Standard Maths Year 12 3
Advanced Maths Year 12 4
Extension 1 Maths Year 12 4
HSC Bounce Back Year 12 2

Terms and Conditions

1. These 1 on 1 tutoring sessions are bonus we provide to customers, and as such are subject to availability. This means access to them is not guaranteed and you are not guaranteed a specific tutor as our tutoring teams’ availability will change.  It is therefore encouraged that a student book these as early as possible in the book periods outlined below.

2. In the interests of fair use, students can book one session every fortnight. Booking opens the week prior.

Students can book a session for fortnight Week 2 and 3 in Week 1.
Students can book a session for fortnight Week 4 and 5 in Week 3.
Students can book a session for fortnight Week 6 and 7 in Week 5.
Students can book a session for fortnight Week 8 and 9 in Week 7.

3. If a student does not book in sessions in a term, the tutoring sessions DO NOT roll over for the next term.

4. To book a session, please chat with our campus operations team when you are campus for your class.

5. All cancellations for the 1 on 1 tutoring session must be with greater than 24 hours notice. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in the student being blocked from booking a 1 on 1 session for the next fortnight period unless the cancellation was due to illness or misadventure which is evidenced by supporting documentation (e.g. a doctors certificate).

6. If a student joins part way through a school term, the number of 1 on 1 tutoring sessions they are eligible to access is prorated. E.g. If a student joins in Week 5 of a 10-week term for Year 12 Physics, they will be eligible to access 2 x 1-hour bonus 1 on 1 tutoring sessions. (Booked in Week 6/7 or Week 8/9).

7. Bonus 1 on 1 tutoring sessions are not replacements for missing a group tutoring class – they are designed to help students address specific areas of need they are still struggling with, and support students with assessments or upcoming exam preparation.