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Pros and Cons of a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith University

Have you been thinking about studying a Bachelor of Arts, but can’t decide which university to go to, or if this course is even for you? Well look no further — we’ve got the lowdown on a Griffith Bachelor of Arts!

We’ve talked to James, an Arts and Law graduate from Griffith University, to hear all about the pros and cons of this degree.

If you’d like to know more about the degree in general, the subjects you have to take, the majors you can choose from and the culture, have a read of what it’s like studying a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith University here

Now, let’s jump into the pros and cons! 

Why should you study a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith?
Top 3 Pros of an Arts Degree
Top 3 Cons of an Arts Degree
Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Things to Know Before Starting a Griffith Bachelor of Arts
What Makes this Degree Different
Motivations for Studying a Griffith Bachelor of Arts
Potential Career Paths

Why should you study a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith University?

If you aren’t too sure what you want to do after high school, but you really enjoy learning about a specific subject area, a Bachelor of Arts is a good way to start off university.

The great thing about Arts is that it is commonly available in a double degree, so you can choose to pick up a second degree with it to increase your employability and graduate qualities.

Griffith Bachelor of Arts - Quote

Top 3 Pros of an Arts degree

#1: The cohort

The community of students and the overall friendliness of the cohort is considered to be a huge pro of studying at Griffith University. 

“My favourite thing about the degree is all the friends I made and the people I met from all walks of life,” James said.

Having supportive and encouraging peers creates a really positive environment and motivates you to keep working hard throughout your degree. It makes the course a lot more enjoyable and you can get a lot more out of it. 

#2: Tailored internships

Griffith University is really good at providing its students with internships tailored specifically towards their degrees. 

“In my final year of the Arts degree I did a work-integrated placement, which was 3 days of placement in a personal injury firm with a lot of Japanese clients, so I was translating,” James said. 

This work placement was not only specific to James’ Japanese major for his Arts degree, but it was also relevant to his studies in Law, and provided him with great experience in both fields. 

#3: Support services

James said, “The university is great with this. They give a lot of support in terms of career counselling, they have note taking for students who aren’t able to take their own notes, and a lot of other initiatives to make sure students can get as much as they can out of the degree.” 

The range of services available at Griffith University is designed to support its students in succeeding throughout their course. Whether it be needing help with writing, or you’re falling behind on a subject, there are ways to get assistance and guidance to boost you up to your potential!

You can find out more specific information about student support at Griffith University here.

“It’s all very connected. Griffith is very very passionate about seeing students succeed, so you don’t feel like a number, you are an individual,” he added.


Top 3 Cons of an Arts degree

#1: Not useful as a standalone degree

Arts can be limiting in the sense that you are focused on one specific area. As such, it’s not as useful being a singular degree.

However, being able to complete it in a double, with Business, Law (Honours) or Science at Griffith University, means that you can focus on two areas of study. It allows you to instead pursue a passion or interest whilst also studying to get a career. 

There are a lot of people that do a degree, complete Honours and then Masters, but then don’t have a clear idea of what they’re doing after their studies. You can’t just do something for the approval of others, you’ve gotta also do it for yourself. That’s why Arts is a great secondary degree,” James said. 

#2: Career paths are limited without a second degree

As a Bachelor of Arts covered a multitude of subject areas, the overall course is great for pursuing interests, but not the most practical when pursuing a career. Without a double degree, the skills you gain in Arts may not be enough to land you the specific career you want to be in. 

“So something at uni that you can see a career out of. I knew I wanted to do languages but couldn’t see a career path at the end of it, so I picked up Law,” James said.

#3: Core subjects were generalised

In first year you have to take Communication and Culture (1506LHS) and Foundations of Academic Writing (1019LHS). And because a Bachelor of Arts is an incredibly broad degree, the core subjects that you take can be very general. 

Some of the core subjects were a little ehh, content wise. I was thinking ‘I’m paying $1200 and what am I getting out of it?’” James said.

Any regrets? 

“With the benefit of hindsight, there’s not a lot I would change because I made a lot of great friends and achieved my goal of continuing with learning Japanese.

I think being more assured in knowing what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go at the start of the degree would’ve been better. But the way It panned out, I achieved most of the goals I wanted to,” James said. 

Having a general idea of knowing what you want to do or an area you’re interested in is always a great way to provide yourself with direction throughout uni. However, remember that this direction can always change and you might find something new along the way that interests you!

What do you wish you had known before starting a Griffith Bachelor of Arts? 

James said, “If you’re doing an Arts degree, you need to have something else on the side or a double, you can’t rely on its own.”

As an Arts degree is quite broad and often more academic than it is practical, the job prospects are more feasible with a second degree under your wing. The great thing is that you can study Arts with Business, Law (Honours) or Science at Griffith! 

“I definitely would say that with the degree, do it if there’s something that you’re interested in and can make a career from — find a balance and do it for passion and money.”

What makes this degree different from the ones offered at other universities? 

The people,” James said. 

James had gone to another uni for a short time, but found himself transferring back to Griffith University because of the people and the overall supportive atmosphere.

Other universities are bigger, but you don’t get on with as many people, and I was unhappy there,” he explained. 

What inspired you to choose a Griffith Bachelor of Arts?

James said, “I was inspired to choose Griffith because the staff were extremely approachable and helpful. Secondly I found it very easy to become a part of a community of students who encouraged each other to achieve any goal set out in front of them.”

Choosing to study a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith clearly has some great benefits. If you want to be part of a wonderful community and pursue your interests, this could very much be the degree for you!

What are the possible career paths?

Griffith Bachelor of Arts - Careers

There are a whole range of career paths that you could consider if you study a Griffith Bachelor of Arts, however it really depends on your major and if you choose to do a double degree. Though, in general terms, some of the careers you could go into are:

    • Journalism
    • Community development
    • Arts management
    • Research
    • Web production
    • Administration
    • Information management
    • Welfare services

Nandini Dhir is a Content Writer at Art of Smart and is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Marketing) and a Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications), as a Dalyell Scholar, at Sydney University. She enjoys covering local issues in her area and writing about current events in the media. Nandini has had one of her pieces published in an article with the Sydney Morning Herald. In her free time, Nandini loves doing calligraphy, ballet, and sewing, or is otherwise found coddling her cats.  


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